Research shows that consumers are enticed into buying a product before they ever experience it simply due to their perception of the sensory experience. Humans naturally weave emotional associations to places and things.


That is why intelligent designers create sensory appeal through the psychodynamics of smell, symbolism, shapes, colors, and suggestion of sound or savory flavors for a full spectrum brand experience. A sensory intelligent brand magnetizes your intention as you align the energy projected by your brand identity and by harnessing sensory teamwork.

Planet Apothecary Scent’Story DNA Branding creates an emotional experience and upgrades and activates your product to full spectrum possibilities, potentials, and probabilities.

Scent’Story Teamwork creates an emotional rich reference point for your brand and your workspace.

Planet Apothecary’s dedicated and experienced team of designers reflect the integrity and quality of our products.

Our in-house scent blending capacity and sophisticated designs ensure our products remain at the cutting edge of scent diffusion technology and provide businesses with tailor made scenting solutions and diffuser designs.

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Come to your senses and soothe your customer’s minds with Scent’story Seduction.

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Smell is used in branding as it increases your customers’ remembrance of the brand. 

Smell is the sense most linked to your emotional recollection. It creates instant connections between a brand and other memories. 

Neuromarketing research notes that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell.

Smell can evoke pleasure and well-being through emotion and memory, making it a potent tool in influence your customers’ emotional state and mood.

Smell impacts your customers perception of value and our bespoke scents are crafted to sing the notes that support the harmony of your brands reception. 

Are you ready to broadcast your Brand harmonics?

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Both calming and refreshing, the Signature Scent Collection’s eloquent combination of oils

speak to you with elevated notes that inspire expanded insights and horizons.

Good morning Jeanette!

I am just seeing our Signature Collection bottles in person. Stunning! Stunning! Stunning!

I am so pleased with the final product! Thank you again for your partnership. ~Julie


Tilt your face to the sun, close your eyes and breathe in Purely Pacifica ... 

Inspired by indigenous California pine trees and herbs of the Bay area. 

Curated to enhance respiratory health and wellbeing through pure essential oils that stimulate deep breathing.