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Sensory DNA 

Our world has fundamentally changed as we adapt to the required changes in self-awareness, social distancing, and whole health requirements.


As many are now living, learning, and working from the home as a hub, Planet Apothecary LLC supports you personally as well as the design community,

to innovate and improve occupant whole being through Intimate Ergonomics, Well Building, Biophilic Diversity, and Multi-Sensory DNA studies that provide a blueprint for health and productive flow for each individual within a space.  

This is the time to collectively collaborate across industries and implement lessons learned and best practices in order to create environments that are human centric, adaptive, and resilient as solutionists.

It is vital in these times, to expand perspectives, our knowledge and our understanding of the requirements to build fortified, hygienic, sensorially supportive and interactive environments. Join us in creating Future next, NOW.

Click the icon to enjoy these simple audios as examples of conversation with Jeanette that may expand your own perspective in exploring your sensory awareness. Contact  us for your bespoke blueprint.

Sensory DNA Profiles:

Make Sense of your World

Are you ready to :

- increase your self-awareness about how sensory thresholds affect your attention, emotion and behavior?

- apply simple solutions to reduce sensory overload and improve your health, well-being and productivity?

- manage stress-, time- and energy and to be more resilient to daily change and chaos?

- expand your understanding of others and improve your relationships with family, friends, colleagues and the world at large?

- appreciate your core body needs, apply self-care and commit to self editing your lifestyle and choices accordingly?

Then you are ready to change your life with this 30 minute dive into your

Sensory DNA processing style and menu of Solutions.

Explore our IG and Facebook pages for daily considerations to support your expanded perspective of Whole Being, the inter relatedness of people, process & place, seasonal cycles, and ceremonies of caring for yourselves.

Our mission is to inspire the awareness that you, our communities, our Planet and all its inhabitants, have remarkable tools at our disposal to reconnect with the origins of sustainable cycles of Whole'being as we come to our senses and soothe our minds.


"It takes a great deal of courage to be the full expression of yourself...

Jeanette provides practical, perceptive, hands-on information which will enhance every aspect of your spiritual growth and physical awareness, both as a leader and as an individual.

I challenge you not to be inspired!"

—  Bill Ayling, Director Bio-Resonance Programming-UK

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