Planet Apothecary Living Lab:
Whole Being, made simple

The PALL Experience is one of many unique and high-quality Multi-Sensory wellness programs at Mary Jane on Main Street as part of Planet Apothecary Living Labs LLC, where we believe that self-care is a prerequisite to a happy, healthy, productive global community. 

Studies show that stress compromises clear decision making:

PALL eases stress for you to operate in your own ideal sweet spot. 

Created by Planet Apothecary Living Laboratory, the PALL Experience is a service menu of technologies for individuals as well as corporate & clinical settings & yoga centers to offer an environment to destress and reset in just moments throughout the day.


In a simple 7-minute session, you select from a set of mood-based programs and settle into a state-of-the-art ecosystem chaise that offers gentle microcirculation to promote blood flow (the same system provided to NASA). Mary Jane on Main Street solutions support the entire sensory experience.

Your PALL Experience is delivered through a fully customizable LED illumination wall and audio system, immersing you in a unique bath of brilliant color and sound.


 The multi-sensory experience combines guided meditation, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy at precise frequencies to encourage autonomic relaxation, yielding greater mental acuity, and positive emotional and physiological responses.