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It makes Sense to enhance learning by assisting people to feel happy, focused and at ease through the 8 Senses.


Research displays that our systems create health and harmony at home and school by modeling skills for that parents, educators, and clinicians alike. 

Statistics today show the evolution we’ve been noting for 22 years, with one in eight people considered as neurodiverse. Interestingly less than half know it. We work with all kids from prenatal to 100 plus, neurodiverse and otherwise with great benefits.

  • Our new humans and their innate commitment to living whole, their devotion to this great planet, technological skill sets and most of all their passion for sensing their way through life on their own terms is evident. 

  • Every generation brings their own new language, new styles and new technology and a new focus for humanity.

  • They bring templates of new information, energy, and awareness that could not be fully integrated by the generation before them.

Our Children Are Our Future. As we experience this incredible point in human evolution and sense our way through new ways of social awareness it’s vital to establish core compasses for each other at home. World Peace begins with the meals we prepare, the homes we provide, the loving support and education we offer our children.

PODZ Charlie Media.jpg
  • Imagine your children smiling

  • feeling happier about themselves

  • managing their stress levels better

  • accessing their intuition and creativity more easily

  • feeling more confident and overcoming fears

  • expressing their individuality

  • and becoming self-motivated and enthusiastic

​Well they can!​ 

Planet Apothecary creates a multi-modality program

to support your child and your family.

The poems, stories, and life lessons of The Planet Podz benefit the development of all 8 senses for children from prenatal and up.

  • Children from 2-4 begin to fully interact as they mimic the rhythms, rhymes, and sounds as they develop language and tracking, color recognition, navigation, fine and gross motor skills and sensory self-soothing.  The interactive nature of our programs benefits and educate parents as they open mental and emotional mindfulness in their children’s development.

  • When offering classes and mentoring parents and educators, it is powerful to see that awareness come online exponentially as parents recite the poem lessons to soothe self in their own daily lives and work.

  • Beginning the Planet Podz stories, songs and sensory activities in early years creates solid foundational family pillars. As children move into more socialized activities often without parents after 4 they are able to connect from a strong sense of internal awareness due to the Planet Podz modeling of solution oriented mindsets based upon feeling all feelings.

The activities naturally translate to 7-9 year old’s and we have found many connect still deeper at that point due to the following considerations:

  • Second and third graders start understanding more complicated ideas, like cause and effect. They connect the dots of how experience creates emotion and seek self-soothing tools like the PODZ lessons.

  • Kids this age get better at using language to express emotions and ideas.

  • Second and third graders tend to be easily influenced by their peers and can apply the causal concepts noted above as they develop social emotional skills.

  • PODZ activities refine physical skills with fine motor control and stamina improving.

  • PODZ poems teach kids to solve problems and take ownership of the decisions and results.

  • Language development is enhanced through rhythm and rhyme. Kids try out words they’ve read and heard that are less than typical in today’s daily vocab and they realize they can more easily use words to express their feelings through the lessons.

  • They discover they can use these “emotional” or sensorially descriptive words to talk through problems, both socially and academically


By the end of third grade (9-10), most kids:

  • Have moments of extreme insecurity and need a lot of encouragement from their family

  • Change often between being helpful and upbeat to being unhelpful and grouchy 

  • Enjoy being part of a team, group, or club

  • Spend more time with and are easily influenced by peers

  • Experience periods of dramatic emotion and impatience (feeling that everyone is against them) and then bounce right back to everything being just fine

  • Start seeing things from other points of view and incorporate that into everyday life

  • Be somewhat aware of others’ perceptions of them

  • Want to behave well and aren’t yet very attentive to directions.

We have discovered that Sensory IQ is foundational to both EQ and IQ. Knowing why you feel the way you feel with certain people and in certain situations is vital to responsive learning and social skills. The Planet PODZ are incredible tools to build that foundation. 

Originally birthed in 1998, we are reviving The Planet PODZ at a deeper level. The inaugural groups of PODZ children are still in contact with me and are starting their own families. They tell me they still use the core drivers in their daily lives and have asked for more tools as they remember how fortified they felt in our groups particularly now as we are in the midst of our educational revolution. 

It’s a rich program distilled over 2 decades of research and loving humans and I am thrilled to share as we grow Planet Apothecary,

I am honored to distill with you and your families.

Jeanette Wolfe, ND IP

Check out all of our PLANET PODZ POEMS Videos on our YouTube channel 


Hello my dear Jeanette,                               

I am writing a few sentences about how you have helped Iris and me, during this last year as my severely autistic child had spinal fusion surgery. You being able to communicate with her has been so amazingly helpful - it is so hard to help a nonverbal child because it is so hard to know what they want or need. Everyone involved has been amazed and impressed with how well Iris handled the surgery but also how well she has healed.

Iris's eating habits have improved for this experience. Her tendency toward self-abuse has diminished by quite a lot. She is more patient and easier to redirect from loud kids at school - her life is overall more peaceful. She is more trusting - she is up for just about any activity we suggest, she is trying new foods. The improvements in her quality of life (and the whole rest of the family) has been greatly increased by the healing and help we have received in the last year and we are deeply grateful.


Thank you Jeanette! Carole and Iris

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