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From silos to Sustainable. It makes sense to live, learn and work easier through the 8 senses.

Planet Apothecary Sensory DNA Matrix Studies, human development team building, mentoring, space, and experience activation, optimize people, process, and place. Our research is transforming the next Live/Work/Learn Environment throughout this period of evolution as we migrate and transition into a renewed, mindful, self-aware, and socially interactive condition.

Clearly this tipping point in time is impacting multiple generations and new traditions are unfolding, and as such, we have an incredible opportunity to reconsider our live/learn/work environments and create new spaces that inspire and rejuvenate us.

Our Intimate Ergonomic Design is based on how humans access all environmental messages through sensory stimuli which affect daily behaviors, actions and fundamentally, whole health. We provide individually tailored solutions to give insights in creating your optimal environment to live, learn and work.

Historically, our abodes have responded to the most basic human needs; warmth, shelter, etc. 2021 brings a significant focus on wellness and how vital it is to reconnect with nature and our sensory intelligence in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle in an ever more sensorial deprived world.

Considering the philosophy that wise design supports our wellbeing , Planet Apothecary incorporates sensory awareness — sight, smell, touch, taste, sound and navigation— into each new space we create. By remaining rooted in the human experience and championing the senses, these spaces can offer moments of healing and tranquility for the mind, body, and spirit. 

As the awareness of the impact of our spaces on our daily lives continues to grow, we know  that this approach is becoming universal in design. Moreover, its benefits are most notable in the place where we are transitioning into: a new world that has challenged physical boundaries. Contact us for the most current research to live, lean & work in a digital , spatially distanced world. The office is ceasing to be a physical place where employees must work from. It will be the representation of a company’s culture, the flag of a company’s values, and a place to grow the company’s vision – both for employees and for guests. Furthermore, it will be more important than ever that this physical structure establishes a strong sense of place, providing a meaningful experience that engages and empowers people. Contact us for your Sensory DNA Studies. You'll love how you feel.



Sensory Whole Being made Simple.

Multi-Sensory wellness programs are part of PALL: Planet Apothecary Living Labs ecosystem subscription services, where we believe that self-care is a prerequisite to a happy, healthy, productive global community. 


  • Studies show that stress compromises clear decision making: 

        PALL eases stress for you to operate in your own ideal sweet spot. 


  • PALL Experience is a service menu of technologies for individuals as well as corporate & clinical settings & yoga centers to offer an environment to de-stress and reset in just moments throughout the day.


  • In a simple 7-minute session:

    •  you select from a set of mood-based programs and settle into a state-of-the-art ecosystem chaise that offers gentle microcirculation to promote blood flow (the same system provided to NASA).

Are you ready to explore your new PALL today? 

Your PALL Experience is delivered through a fully customizable LED illumination wall and audio system, immersing you in a unique bath of brilliant color and sound.


The multi-sensory experience combines guided meditation, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy at precise frequencies to encourage autonomic relaxation, yielding greater mental acuity, and positive emotional and physiological responses. Our plants thrive with color & music baths too!


We soothe your mind, to return to your senses and the ability to make clear responsive choice.​​

Corporate Clients: Contact us for your 15 minute exploratory consultation   |  732-406-6865

Planet Apothecary crafts bespoke solutions to generate optimal work environments that bring clarity, cultivate, structure and supports high-performance teams, yielding visionary processing and cultivating employee whole-being. 

Our working environments and ideas of success have yielded chaotic, less than sustainable schedules, brimming with nonstop meetings, extended hours and pressure-driven deadlines. 

Sensory overload in the workplace has led to a high level of disengagement, breakdown in relationships, increased stress, poor health and destructive team dynamics. 

Our practical, simple and cost-effective solutions which improve productivity and team relationships and sustainable success are comprised of 4 ingredients based on Sensory IQ Neuroscience: 

  • Clarity: Analytical Processing

  • Support: Relational Processing

  • Structure: Operational Action Sequences

  • Vision: Conceptual Processing

Clear Speak™ Methodology


Clear Speak™ sets the cornerstones of presence as the first step in your mental software upgrades in creating and constructing your experience as author and authority of your life. 

Clear Speak™ brings present moment awareness to each choice of articulation and creating the life you love. 

You may have considered that your personal life plays a significant role in your success at work and in your career. 

Studies show that a balanced inner dialogue and your relationship to yourself , as well as home life are the core contributors to your ability to successfully navigate expanding your life experience and your career. 

The way you relate to yourself, the way you speak to yourself, your thoughts and belief systems. all color your relationship to your colleagues and your world at large.

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