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Whole Being Made Simple

Planet Apothecary addresses your Whole Being:

Your Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Fiscal, Spiritual and Relational health through your 8 senses.

Humans access all environmental messages through sensory stimuli which

affect our daily behaviors, actions and fundamentally, our whole health.

Our Sensory DNA Profiles support you in making Sense of your World.

We offer you individually tailored solutions to

give insights in creating your optimal environment to live, work and learn.

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Sensory DNA Blueprint Profiles: Your Menu of New Neuro-Nutrients 

Explore your Sensory Thresholds: Guided Explorations 

We navigate, investigate, know the world around us and each other through our senses.

Consider these explorations into your Sensory DNA with these simple questions and observations to know the foundation of your IQ & EQ, your Sensory DNA Blueprint.

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Sensory Explorations


Sensory Snacks are quick and easy to apply sensory

solutions that calm and organize your brain.

Planet Apothecary was among the first to research increased neuro-diversity

and awareness about ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism and other neurological states.

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Since 1998, our founders Sensory DNA Menus, meridian modalities and melodies have supported super Sensory IQ children and their families and educators through 9 imaginary characters called the Planet PODZ based upon meridians, the 9 main energy centers in the body and their neurological correlations to emotions and physical and mental well being. The Planet Podz Playshops provide rhythmic conversations of self esteem for children through the use of color, scent, poetry, sound and body awareness.


Research displays that our systems create health and harmony at home and school by modeling skills for that parents, educators and clinicians alike. 

Statistics today show the evolution that Dr. Wolfe has been noting for 22 years, with one in eight people considered as neurodiverse. Interestingly less than half know it.

  • Our new kids and their innate commitment to living whole, their devotion to this great planet, technological skill sets and most of all their passion for sensing their way through life on their own terms is evident. 

  • Every generation brings their own new language, new styles and new technology and a new focus for humanity.

  • They bring templates of new information, energy, and awareness that could not be fully integrated by the generation before them.

Planet Apothecary Sensory DNA Profiles offer insights into into the templates and blueprints of these unique sensory thresholds for children & parents alike and make sense of the way they can live, learn and flourish. Our Sensory Snacks are the new Neuro Nutrition.

We've supported the forerunners of neuro diverse children into adulthood and thriving in navigating home, relational,  educational systems and now the modern workplace that presented challenges to many with systems not yet caught up to their re-evolutionary Sensory DNA .

We've responded to their requests to support their children with our new Interactive family development Series starting in 2021. 



Since our beginning, our business has been People and their Whole Being.

It’s been evident in the experience of easier times, with decisions and choices focused on the Future. In this now moment, Family & Community Whole Being mindset is Vital, as we evolve into Future Now. Our children are constant and consistent reflections of what is now and what is possible.

SUBSCRIBE to our interactive family development through renewed

balanced in times that are sensorially deprived or over stimulated.

Join us in song, soap and community 


We’re not waiting to see what the future brings;

We’re Creating it with You through your own Self Awareness. 

Today and Always, all Ways.

The move from consumer centricity to planet centricity is gathering momentum and we

believe that there is a vast new consumer landscape emerging in our evolution beyond 2020.

Today we design educational, corporate and clinical spaces to continue to support the

compelling case for inclusivity of this remarkable new human component in all environments.

Environments today are called to reflect the diverse makeup of organizations to set all up for success. Sensory DNA Profiles, Intimate Ergonomics and Sensory IQ DNA IT continue to serve as incredible insights and building blocks for solid foundations in a rapidly shifting world.

We still believe in starting where we can have the most impact of lifelong learning processes with our youngest new kids with private mentoring for parents, caregivers, schools and clinics . AND we continue to in our sincere dedication to supporting the canaries in the coal mines who are now navigating higher education, careers and starting their own families while their super sensory inputs systems make them particularly aware of touch, sounds, sights and smells.

We work behind the scenes with visionary high profile industry leaders as they  recognize that neuro-diversity at work programs stimulate creativity and originality. We create environments that foster collaborative leadership, and design for inclusion through Sensory Ergonomics.

The elements of Whole Being for all combine foundational design cornerstones:

Fortify ~ Energize ~ Enrich ~ Nourish


Acknowledging the gifts of Neurodiversity and those who are collectively conscious of who they are,

their passions, and what they have come to offer humanity beyond any previous generation.






  • Music causes people to linger longer or faster according to your needs. It can also enhance purchasing, customer interaction, productivity and even pain management.

  • Music can increase sales by as much as 38.2%  The Journal of Marketing

  • 9 out of 10 managers say music directly creates a positive work environment.  The Gallup Poll

  • 76% of retail managers express the belief that customers buy more as a direct result of music & scent. The Journal of Marketing

  • Binaural guided meditations, or sound therapies played at precise frequencies encourage brainwave balance to enhance whole well being 

  • Music inspires & seduces the soul. We unite science, mathematics, and spirit for the optimal human experience in your space.

"I could actually feel the bio-field energy you describe Jeanette! 

Your guided meditation, the scent & imagery activated me in ways I've only experienced

in acupuncture or massage. The microcirculation pad is icing on the cake!"




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