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I have found over the years that work is not work or separate from me, or even measurable since it relates to matching what is on the inside to the outside.

It is Whole Being. 

My life is my lab with full flow of energy in the pure joy and devotion to sharing my research & solutions based upon rich and varied unique life experiences.
Planet Apothecary LLC is is multi disciplinary creative trend consultancy focused on human health and behavior through Sensory Design and DNA IT. 

We deliver research, insight, intimate ergonomic and health direction which we have come to call "Whole Being". We work with a broad range of clients from across all lifestyle industries providing Cultural Transformation, Leadership Mentoring, Biophilic Design, Sensory Marketing & Branding, Neuro-Linguistic based communications, decoding trends and Life Design focused on Human Evolution through Neurodiversity.  

We provide bespoke Sensory DNA profiles which are the blueprint for Whole BEING customized consultancy for individuals, families, corporations, convention centers, retailers,  municipalities as well as learning institutions and clinical settings.

Whether delivering forecasting and insight presentations, designing or curating Sensory DNA diets, menus, products and spaces, our expertise and neuroscience based approach to Whole Living is heartfelt and intuitive.  We are dedicated to innovations in sense-stimuli that provide soothing properties with emotional and functional benefits that enhance Whole Being.


I invite You to Soothe your Mind and Come to your Senses

at Planet Apothecary and our Life Labs. 

Jeanette Wolfe, ND, IP,

Visionary, Mother, Solutionist, Eco-Philanthropist, Farmer

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