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Since our beginning, our business has been People and their Whole Being. 

It’s evident in our experience of easier times, with decisions and choices focused on the Future.

In this now moment, it is Vital, as we evolve into Future Now.

Our continued emphasis on Whole Being: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and fiscal, is our purpose, along with giving back to our Planet as stewards for our children's future on this grande planet Earth.

  • Planet Apothecary empowers people and the planet as we do "good stuff" with our “Think Global, Act Local” Initiative: “Bees, Trees, Seas and Buds”.

  • We serve you and our future generations by planting trees at our family Farm'acy and in partnership with, as well as working with the National Wildlife Federation and so much more.

  • Our brand ideal "Self Care made Simple" is delivered through our operating practices and we embody our brand by living it as our credo.

  • We haven't done much to advertise, and still we're thrilled to have been invited into an exciting new strategic partnership with As Seen On TV. with our hemp based solutions at Mary Jane on Main Street.

  • We create mindful and effective solutions and uniquely memorable and effective individual and corporate customer experiences.

  • We also know the benefits of your eighth sense: humor, and its incredible ability to nourish your nervous system from the inside out.

  • Some of you may recall the old phrase that “laughter is the best medicine” and interestingly, Neuroscience shows that Stress relief from laughter is no joke!

  • When it comes to relieving stress, chuckles and giggles are indeed just what the doctor ordered.


That’s why in a world that is calling for a bit of lightening up, and after a year like 2020, where you may have felt like you may be losing your mind, we have simple self care solutions to support you coming back to your senses. That brings us back to the vital ingredients in why we are calling 2021 the Year of the Phoque and our dedicated love of the sea.

Phoque is French for seal. One of my fondest early memories was a holiday subscription gift to the children’s magazine called “Ranger Rick” from the WWA, a group my dad was particularly fond of and donated to regular. My first copy has a baby seal on the cover, and I can still envision it and the story today, almost 50 years later. It changed my view of our incredible natural community forever.


Our eco-philanthropy supports the seas and their creatures, trees and the air we breathe, the vital gifts of bees and, well the gift of buds, hemp and otherwise. We’ll be sharing more about each in our daily practices. That brings us back to the sensory benefit of the sound of PHOQUE. Did you know that Dropping an F-bomb or a few choice expletives can reduce stress and relieve tension?

Fun facts:

How swearing achieves its physical effects is still being researched. Studies speculate that brain circuitry linked to emotion is involved.

Earlier studies have shown that unlike normal language, which relies on the outer few millimeters in the left hemisphere of the brain, expletives hinge on evolutionarily ancient structures buried deep inside the right half. One such structure is the amygdala, an almond-shaped group of neurons that can trigger a fight-or-flight response in which our heart rate climbs, and we become less sensitive to pain both mental and physical.


Join our Family for more more fun facts about the neurosciences of language and self care solutions along with simple and effective ways to start your day and jumpstart your daily routines as you use our solutions for your 120 days into Whole Being.  That’s how much we give a phoque about you and our global community of humans, seas, trees, bees and buds.

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Our deepest purpose at planet Apothecary is to celebrate life and the grand planet we are blessed to inhabit.

We celebrate life with All 8 senses.

We CELEBRATE living well on this PLANET by carrying on our family legacy of 45 years and planting trees.

WE CELEBRATE Future next, Now, with our simple solutions.



It is vital to plant a tree now.


Join us as individuals and groups in our devotion to trees, seas, bees and buds.

Contact us for more information on JOINING our tree tribe

Fun facts:


In a time when people feel insecure and at the mercy of forces outside of their control, Mary Jane on Main Street empowers people and the planet. 


We do good stuff with our “Think Global, Act Local” Initiative: “Bees, Trees, Seas and Buds” as we serve you and our future generations, one child, one person, one group at a time.


Planet Apothecary introduces PHOQUE our MASCOT & your new emotional support Pal.

As we navigate a culture that is now considered no touch or low touch research notes two remarkable tools to boost our immune systems through easing stress.


  1. One is the incredible sensory boost of cuddling our pets.

  2. The second is the sense of the sound “phoque”


Phoque, not to be confused with fuck, is the French word for seal.
If you are innocent and stub your toe, happen to drop an f bomb, and feel bad about it, just know that all you did was say seal in French. That will turn your frown upside down and the neuroscience benefits of combining of smiling, “phoquing” and cuddling your seal vastly supports the reboot of your brain bio computer in complex times. during-an-ice-water-challenge-56828

Bee-2 Trans.png

Please meet our wonderful sensory solution plushie pal “Phoque”. 

Phoque reminds us about our collective ability to stand together in creative & visionary spirit and that you matter.

The seal spirit animal reassures our ability to SENSE & live through our heart as our compass in an ever-changing landscape, & from there, feel clear in our decisions, thoughts & emotions.

  • Seal symbolism makes apparent the innate intelligence of our neurology & things that are nurtured through the help of our sense’ abilities.

  • Sensory info can be made matter to you as you come to trust your Sensory IQ & apply it in your everyday life.

  • The meaning of the seal helps us remember our connection to our inner rhythms, as well as encourage us to swim with the current instead of drowning in it.

Phoque plushie can soothe your senses & offer comfort much like the act of petting an animal sitting on your lap. He's small & portable & offers so much with his sensory story.

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Forest Trees

TREES are the longest living organisms on our planet.

TREES are one of the Earth’s greatest natural resources.

TREES keep our:

  • air supply clean

  • reduce noise pollution

  • improve water quality

  • help prevent soil erosion

  • and provide a home for living creatures


Evapotranspiration: the movement of water up through the roots to the leaves and out

through the pores.

Evapotranspiration provides trees with ways of adjusting their internal temperature.

Some trees when they act together on a sufficiently large scale in forests can also promote CLOUD FORMATION. 

Trees not only can adapt to a climate

they can shape their own climate

and ours, as well

Trees From Above

FORESTS are considered one of the best

means we have of offsetting global climate change because they tie up large amounts of carbon.

In other words they simply have a large biomass And - because TREES tend to be long-lived (the longest living organisms on our planet) they keep that carbon tied up for a long time.

This is often referred to as carbon sequestration: 


Forest Path

Trees in the forest are social beings.

They learn, remember, nurse sick neighbors, and warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals across a fungal network known as the Wood Wide Web.

Trees will keep the ancient stumps of their long-felled companions alive for centuries by feeding them a sugar solution through their roots.

Trees operate as communal beings.

They work together in networks.

Trees share their resources which increases their resistance to drought, insects, and diseases

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