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Home Sense:

Know yourself intimately.

Elevate your

physical, mental

emotional whole'being through Sensory DNA Intimate Design  


Our world has fundamentally changed as we adapt to the required changes in self-awareness, social distancing, respiratory and whole health requirements.


As many are now living, learning, and working from the home as a hub, Planet Apothecary LLC supports the design community to innovate and improve occupant whole being through Sensory DNA studies that provide a blueprint for health and productive flow for each individual within a space.  

This is the time to work collectively across industries and implement lessons learned and best practices in order to create environments that are human centric, flexible, and resilient to endure and excel this unique moment in life.


Today more than ever, our knowledge and understanding of the requirements to build a fortified, clean sensorially supportive and interactive environment has never been more relevant.


Enjoy these simple audio inquiries into your sensory awareness and contact us for your Home HUB Sensory DNA Blueprint.


Jeanette Wolfe is a rare find.

Her mentoring and processes combine her consistent authentic professionalism with multiverse class skill and sensitivity that takes you beyond the idea of results into actualization of new awarenesses.

Jeanette invites you into an expanded space as she shares from a clear space of keen observation, active listening , heartfelt compassion and a matter of fact clarity beyond the collective idea of healing with her deep understanding and ability to tap into tools that support your expansion beyond the idea of your thoughts and concerns.

Jeanette has the uncanny ability to read a "problem" accurately and work energetically to make it different. Jeanette has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them.

—  Melania,  Mom, philanthropist, wife, human

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