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Dr Jeanette Wolfe
  • Since 1995, Jeanette has supported Groups and Individuals with her proprietary neuroscience based communications systems offering quantum leaps in leadership, sales, business growth and relationships by applying behavioral learning techniques, industrial and child psychology.

  • Jeanette's clients herald from 120 countries and include Corporations, C-Suite Execs, Consulates, City Governments, Politicians, Actors, Sports Personalities, private individuals, children, Educational and Medical Institutions.

  • She supports high net worth families dealing with their most uncomfortable core ancestral issues.

  • She donates her time to underprivileged youth and their families in dedication to Common Unity.

  • Jeanette has the honor of supporting 1000's of families and children to realize their most optimal health and well'being physiologically, psychologically and emotionally.


  • Jeanette started college at 15 with a major in art and a minor in psychology. Her passion is in observing how humans navigate and interact with their space. She realized early on the impact of environment on humans and living things.

  • Jeanette's early career was highly profitable designing and forecasting home furnishings colors and design trends. Her finger was always on the pulse of trends far before typical sources as she observed the behavioral collective response to politics and current events. Color and fashion trends in any industry are an extension of the collective emotional climate. A very simple sensory and powerful formula.

  • Unique health challenges shifted Jeanette's attention and she earned her doctorate in Naturopathy and Behavioral Sciences. For over 15 years focused interactions and research with children, their families and teachers graced Jeanette with behavioral insights into the dynamics of Sensory IQ.

  • Countless clients, after seeking good health from expert to expert found Jeanette at her center in Princeton, NJ and have become fast friends and colleagues in their now balanced health.

By applying simple techniques in linguistics, exercises based in Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology, our Sensory DNA approach vastly improves health to Whole'Being. You can expect enhanced focus, energy and actionable results.

We are the Solution to what you've been looking for. The time to start is NOW


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