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Lose your mind...Come to Your Senses

Lose your Mind...


Diamond & Gold Ceremony of Self
Petrichor Presence Pause

Sensory Explorations

Thermal Environment
Sensory Explorations

Sensory Wellness Exercises

Sensory DNA Boost 1
Sensory DNA Boost 2
Sensory DNA Boost 3
Sensory DNA Boost 4
Sensory DNA Boost 6
Sensory DNA Boost 7
Sensory DNA Boost 8
Sensory DNA Boost 9
Sensory DNA Boost 5
Sensory Wellness Exercises

Clear Speak™ Talk Radio with Dr. Jeanette Wolfe, ND

Think It . Speak It . Live It . NOW!


  • Listeners will discover how inner dialogue, conversations and the words they use create their personal and professional life experiences.

  • They will discover how to improve personal relationships, professional relationships, and most of all simple techniques to improve their relationship with themselves.

  • These insights and tools will improve their ability to set goals and achieve greater health, fiscal and time management and feel the ease and flow of being a present, self aware, kind and productive human being.

  • As they apply Clear Speak™ Technologies of Self, their new language opens up to possibilities, opportunities and clears out old habits.

  • Practicing Clear Speak™ opens the mind to notice beyond what was seen before, it empowers one to start acting with greater self awareness and certainty.

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Clear Speak ™ Talk Radio
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