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   We Predict the Future by Growing It with You

 Planet Apothecary LLC is a multi disciplinary creative trend consultancy

focused on human health and behavior through Sensory Design and DNA IT.

We are category creators providing research and mentoring for

Individuals, Brands, Human Resources, Health Care, Education and Real Estate Development. 

We address your Whole Being:

Your Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Fiscal, Spiritual and Relational Health through your 8 senses.

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Hi! I'm Jeanette

I am a trend specialist, business innovation strategist, entrepreneur, speaker and futures strategist who combines human behavior and future studies to mentor, create community and masterclasses.

My passion for psychology and technology has seen me engage with brands and leaders across the globe, as an architectural catalyst to build the mindset required to make tomorrow more abundant than they ever imagine today.


It is pure joy for me to share my forecasting accuracy and satellite perspectives to demonstrate elegant ways for a global audience to build the clarity and courage required to cultivate today's shifting landscapes into a flourishing and fulfilling future.

Welcome to Planet Apothecary.

Are you ready for your solutions? 

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Hi! I'm Drethun

I’m a futures strategist who combines human behavior and future studies to create podcasts, masterclasses and mentoring that support you in building the courage and clarity required to forge the future you want.

I am a trend analyst who can support you in predicting and identifying your personal Space and Human Design Motivators and focus on providing the best possible clarity on your personal value, importance, and differentiation. 

​Are you ready to clarify your identity and maximize your impact? 

You access all environmental messages through sensory stimuli which

affect your daily behaviors, actions and fundamentally, our whole health.

Sign up for your Sensory DNA Profile and feel supported in making Sense of your World.

We offer you individually tailored solutions that

give insights in creating your optimal environment to live, work and learn.

You'll love how you feel!

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Bringing the human element into community design technology is vital. Jeanette's neuroscience-based approach focuses on Parkmerced's residents' and staff's WHOLE Being. We accomplish this through sense systems and our knowledge of sensory processing or how human sensory thresholds influence the brain.

Planet Apothecary partners with Parkmerced in developing programs and technology that enhance community, way finding, and making individual choices in choosing a home easier.

It’s Future NEXT, NOW, by embracing technology, improved systems and processes and marrying that with human centric elements. 

The world of domestic living has never been so strongly intertwined with our environment, our society and technology. 

Our focus is whole and intended to be impeccable in our mutual integrity, and towards each other with empathetic care in all situations. 


We offer adaptogenic support to our residents and have reformatted operational flow to redefine the definitions of landlord and tenant relationship to one of complete mutual reciprocity.  We have partnered with both Wellness Counselors and Financial Advisors support our residents as they navigate making new choices in their whole being: including their physical homes, mental, emotional and fiscal health, particularly through out Covid.

Between minimalism and abundance, nature and technology, a balanced vision of the future is emerging with Planet Apothecary at Parkmerced. Our world is different now. We are different now. We rise with a renewed sense of commitment, conviction, determination, trust and how we serve. 





Humans are sensory beings who understand and interpret the world through our senses –

sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, movement.

Human Sensory DNA provides the baseline connections to our world and the people and communities

we live learn and work with. We first sense, then feel, then act.

This has a vital impact on how we react, behave and perform in our day to day living choices.

Enjoy the FAQ's below to enhance your sensory awareness in harnessing these tools.


  • Proofreaders perform better when peppermint or lavender are diffused in their environment. Good Housekeeping Institute

  • The Japanese have been diffusing scent to reduce clerical errors in their office pools and increase productivity in their call in centers since 1999 with great results. Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation of Chicago

  • Casinos saw 45% increase in revenues when dispersing essential oils and caught the eye of the FDA, who has acknowledged the behavioral changes that are incurred by pure essential oils. Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation of Chicago

  • Reaction to scent involves subconscious mind

  • Sense of smell can promote emotional stability, relaxation and mental clarity

  • Smell is recognized by the FDA to have mind altering affects on the limbic brain

  • 75% of emotions are generated by smell.

  • The human response to smell is so strong, it can alter moods, alleviate symptoms & increase productivity. 

  • Humans perceive scented environments as more luxurious & items therein more valuable. Studies show that people will pay up to 20% more.

  • Scent builds a sense of security & loyalty and forges unique associations with a products, service, place of business or brand.

"The Sensory Oasis Room at work is incredible! I could actually feel the bio-field energy you describe Jeanette! 

Your guided meditation, the scent & imagery activated me in ways I've only experienced

in acupuncture or massage. The microcirculation pad is icing on the cake!"




Mary Jane on Main Street, your Family Farm'acy.


     Our latest Partnership with an original Shark

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