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Purely Pacifica Spritz

Tilt your face to the sun, close your eyes, spritz mist into the space above you and allow the mist to fill your lungs and moisten your nasal passages. Ease breathing, enhance ease and support your immune systems.


Use after cleansing morning and night or all day to refresh and energize, to hydrate and support wellbeing through inhalation.


Combines Neroli and Rose Floral Waters, notes of Cedarwood, Pine and our proprietary blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils

Purely Pacifica Spritz

  • Planet Apothecary is inspired to plant a tree with every $44.00 purchase of our Pure Pacifica Collection and commemorate the names of your loved ones in our community families, in honor and acknowledgement of their selfless dedication in the care of the whole of us.


    Purely  Pacifica is a collection of bespoke self care products inspired by indigenous trees and herbs of the California Bay area curated to enhance respiratory health and wellbeing through pure essential oils that stimulate deep breathing.

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