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Purely Pacifica Essential Oil

Diffuse or dab on pulse points daily and inhale to de-stress for whole’being.

Combines Pine, Spruce, Cedar Atlas & Roman Chamomile pure essential oils.


In an Aromatherapy Diffuser:

  • Add several drops in a  Scent Diffuser and inhale the aromatic ionized particles.
  • Essential Oils combined with the ionization process enhance the therapeutic effect of oils.
  • This  system is ideal for home or work as it helps to reduce symptoms of stress and fatigue.

Purely Pacifica Essential Oil

  • Planet Apothecary is inspired to plant a tree with every $44.00 purchase of our Pure Pacifica Collection and commemorate the names of your loved ones in our community families, in honor and acknowledgement of their selfless dedication in the care of the whole of us.


    Purely  Pacifica is a collection of bespoke self care products inspired by indigenous trees and herbs of the California Bay area curated to enhance respiratory health and wellbeing through pure essential oils that stimulate deep breathing.

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