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Red Apatite Pure Essential Oil

SENSE: Tactile . Smell . Sight


The Planet Philterz Holiday Holy Grail Mineral of Choice: Red Apatite
Winter Doldrums?
Whet your appetite with the Cure:


RED APATITE PHILTER: Bold, Energetic, Sensuous, Realistic
A most rare, holy grail mineral cure of choice for rejuvenation and whole being. Red Apatite supports your knowing of flow: a consciousness where you feel all possibilities and play in them all with ease.


  • Flow is a state of being in which you are in alignment with your true self and the universe.
  • You simultaneously operate in your whole intuitive, intelligent and life expanding way.
  • Life becomes full of ease, grace and charming.






Red Apatite Pure Essential Oil

  • "I am statements" with each scent phile support your knowing of the messages within each scent profile.


    Red Apatite - "I am passionate creation"


    Red Apatite Pure Essential Oil

    Notes of cinnamon, coffee, vanilla,and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils



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