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What are Sensory Snacks?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Sensory Snacks are neuroscience based quick, easy accessible tips tools, solutions, herbs, stories, scents, tones, colors, silks to use in our everyday routines that nourish your brain and balance your senses and support you to experience your most optimal self. They are Neuro-nutrients.

Research shows that just 7-10 minutes of mindfulness in our self care with our simple Sensory Snacks can activate the Vagus Nerve.

We call those moments “Presence Pauses”.

Planet Apothecary & Mary Jane on Main Street curate sensory menus combining all 7 senses that simply incorporate into your regular self-care habits. No extra time required! In fact, science notes that being present actually eases stress, brings us from react to response where we naturally choose wisely in all our tasks and accomplish easily outside of time.

Our solutions range from pure essential oils, hair care, complexion care to body care. It’s wonderful to realize inhaled essential oils travel directly to your brain (specifically the pre-frontal cortex behind your forehead) and help you “unpack” the business of looping thoughts with your breath.

We combine those oils in our solutions for a double benefit. When applied topically, they quickly and effectively cross the blood brain barrier to stimulate your Vagus Nerve for greater ease.

Each moment of you daily routines becomes a Ceremony of Self when you reap the rewards of both deeply inhaling stress relieving pure gold essential oils from shower to hair care and moisturizing your skin to the transdermal long-lasting rejuvenation as you enjoy your Neuro Nutrition all day.

We mix up more Neuro Snacks through your day that include colorful feasts for the eyes like our silk eye pillows. The perfectly weighted, cooling flax seeds and soothing scent of lavender feeds your psyche and soul.

Silk has a harmonizing virtue with naturally high electromagnetic charges. Enjoy a 5-minute Presence Pause to relieve digital fatigue.

Another great option to unpack the brains busyness is counting beads.

Wear our beautiful gemstone bracelets for easy access to a Presence Pause.

Simply sitting at your desk, online and breathing while counting one bead at a time takes us out of our heads. Added benefits come from closing your eyes and repeating a simple “I AM” statement with each bead. Consider “I AM Smooth”. You’ll be speaking a truth as each bead is smooth and come to realize after a few repeats that your respiration does become smoother.

We’re excited to welcome you to Mary Jane on Main Streets step into 2021 Synch-ups with these super sensory snacks, solutions, audios, color therapy glasses, spritzes and roll-ons to keep you in the flow and on the go on a Rockin Planet.

Stay tuned for your invitation to tune up 2021.


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