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Mindful Branding: The Making of Our Mark

I have always been fascinated by mermaids, the sea and it’s bountiful treasures and mysteries. I've been dreaming of them and drawing them since before I can remember and my mom still has drawers full of my earliest renderings.  

In my early years, that fascination also carried an ever so slight amount of trepidation in the exploration of deep waters, as I was born in the cement jungle of New York City and was caught by the "under toad" at age 4, who pulled me through turbulent tides, to land far from my family at Rockaway beach one summer day. I only came to realize years later, that what I thought was a large and strong toad who lived under water, pulling at me, was my childhood ears trying to make sense of what I heard happened as grownups described how quickly the undertow became strong that day and how that was the cause of my frightening moment of surrender to the waves. 

That experience changed my awareness of the delicate balance of resistance and being in the flow in ways I would only come to understand as the gift of a potent reference point later in life, as I experienced 9 cryptogenic neural anomalies all in one decade.

At age 11, my parents gathered my siblings and I and transported us far from the seashore to the glorious misty Adirondack mountains of upstate New York.  Over the years, I have come to be able to navigate the cement of many cities, the sands of many shores, the multiple seas of this grand planet, it's mountains and lakes, even the air and ethers, including all of their creatures and elements, by living through my senses, losing my mind's constructs of what "should" be and the resistance to what is, and giving myself to the “flow” of waves equivalently turbulent or calm, both metaphorically and literally. 

In that awareness lies Freedom to relate to ALL of what is in every moment. Awareness itself is a gentle, compassionate and intimate space of experience. It touches everything without influencing anything. It holds all of our experiences without holding them down or back. Within awareness is a magnetic connection and ability to merge with the point of our awareness and exist in the pure presence of mutual reciprocity. That first experience in the waves with the "under toad" provided that touchstone: the knowing of how to merge with the current of what is and not resist it. 

In my consulting and mentoring practice, Planet Apothecary LLC, I am known to state that "My Life is my Lab" and I speak of whole being. Wholebeing defined as your very Sensory DNA or your core awarenesses that touch your intellectual, emotional, physical, fiscal, spiritual and relational health through your 7 senses. We humans don't always realize that we access all environmental messages through sensory stimuli which affect our daily behaviors, actions and fundamentally, our whole health. 

This space called Mary Jane on Main Street offers you sensory nutrients to assist you in remembering your Sensory DNA Blueprint and accessing deeper levels of self awareness with simple neuro-nutrients. This space is the most intimate aspect of Planet Apothecary LLC, established to remind of, and inspire the spiritual moments that come from inside of yourself, your personal daily presence pauses, like when:

*  the bird outside of your window feels like it is singing just for you

* the cut rose in its vase roots, even when untended, to display the cycles of life flourishing in stagnant environments

* the music box goes off on its own because well, it was time to listen

We lovingly suggest to:

" Just go offline for awhile...we'll show you a way to reboot every day.

You'll feel better when you're singing our song".

This space is your invitation to those inspirations and simple tools to create your personal presence pauses and ceremonies of self inspired by some of my unique moments, encounters with humans, animals, elements, spaces and places and the simple daily joys of "ahas" that may also inspire your own Life Lab research . 

We'll begin here by sharing the deep mindfulness that we apply to every aspect of our experience and Business, yours and ours, with the below insights regarding the 9 symbols that are the core threads woven into the tapestry our Mary Jane on Main Street Mark.

My own personal encounters with these 9 symbols offered me the ability to fully rewrite my own neurology when traditional medicine suggested that was not possible. They create our mark, our logo, which embodies the alchemy of these symbols. 

Our Golden Hemp Leaf symbolizes Whole Being through the awareness of Neurodiversity. It nourishes your self awareness of Whole Being.

Whole Being is our Vision for anyone willing and curious to know themselves as such. 

Our Mission is curating and sharing unique solutions and insights into your innate and individualized neural processing modes in the trust they might offer you the remembering of and return to, the innate wisdom of your Sensory DNA IQ Blueprint . Enjoy this simple sharing of each element of that Alchemy. 

We are also happy to guide distilling a Marque for you, your group or your business that displays the alchemy of all you are and all you choose to share in a guided sensory tour through your own mission and vision. 

Mary Jane on Main Street Mark/Logo Tapestry