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To Bespoke or not to Bespoke, that may be your question!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Co-Creating your bespoke scents with Jeanette's unique Sensory IQ Profiling and her proprietary alchemical process can enhance the field of energy, or "space" that you are, what you emanate, what you attract and support your fortification in all environments. 

Truly our entire line of pure essential oil philterz are crafted with finite attention the fields and properties they provide and ease you into greater awareness and out of a  “spray and pray” aromatherapy approach. The Planet Philterz and The Planet PODZ pure essential oil blends are personalized, intentional applications using a wide array of botanicals, pure essential oils crystalline, sound and light frequencies and chroma-therapies.   You see and are seen through scent. In order to create the experience of sight, your brain references your conceptual and perceptual understanding of the world, other knowledge, your memories, what has caught your mental attention and has programmed your emotions  and beliefs. Your memories, emotions, mental constructs and beliefs regarding what you smell can change what you see and how you see it. You do create your own reality and beliefs based upon what you sense and your senses.  Exploring the nuances of how scent broadcasts the view of you in the world makes sense from this vantage point. 

What will you choose? We are joyfully ready to offer you those insights with a bespoke scent creation  session. Planet Apothecary pays homage to its European Apothecary or pharmacy roots, offering you the opportunity to experience custom-compounded scent philes. ..  Jeanette is dedicated to crafting your  bespoke scents  tailored just for you...“Individuality”, the definition of luxury. We've designed a questionnaire that explore some fun facts about your most authentic you and will craft the combinations of tones to create the harmonics of your bespoke scent. Throughout your conversation Jeanette will lead you through your own observations around your sensory IQ and how you navigate time and space .  You will receive a 10 ml pure blend of any combination of sounds, colors, gems, essential oils and a personalized mantra. This process is in collaboration with you in loving and gentle support of your joy and wholeness.  Know that our line Planet Philterz and Philes continue to fuel your ability to self edit, moment to moment with your most optimal right aroma at the right moment, and for the right therapeutic mind-body effects. You will see "I am statements" with each scent phile to support your knowing of the messages within each scent profile The medical and marketing research on aroma’s effect on our brains and body is ever growing. With our fact paced lives and in our desire for very quick way to alter or enhance mood – and relieve stress in our sometimes stressed-out world – aromatherapy is a natural way to edit your most optimal whole being moment to moment.

We are certain that The Planet Philterz and The Planet Podz lines of pure ingredients combined with sound and light-ceuticals, as well as the information we provide around their ingredients historical applications and potential affects, their mantras and stories that have evolved( eve-loved) from your feedback as our beloved family, friends, patients, clients and colleagues provide you with attentional choices beyond spray and pray techniques.

Our bespoke scent collaboration with your active participation takes you still deeper into the heart of what matters to you. That's what matters most to us and that's why we create sustainable solutions rooted in simplicity, love and service.

Bespoke Signature Scent Session


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