• Jeanette Wolfe

Summer Farm'acy Tips

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

At Planet Apothecary, we share our garden, our pharmacy solutions and support with you. In Europe, when something ails you, you visit the Apotheke, it is a place of cures, mostly holistic & natural. Being first generation in the states from a long lineage of herbalists, builders and designers, Planet Apothecary is a natural choice as our name for our family Farmacy. Our focus is whole in your care as we acknowledge the interrelatedness of people, process and place.

Our intention is to invite you and your Community Circles into an expanded perspective of that inter relatedness, to celebrate the ceremonies of nourishing ourselves, and playing with ease in and wonder as we exploring effective, simple and neuroscience based tools, simple tips, supplements and sustainable design that support your Whole'being through the brilliant lessons of what each Season and each Cycle offers.