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Summer Farm'acy Tips

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

At Planet Apothecary, we share our garden, our pharmacy solutions and support with you. In Europe, when something ails you, you visit the Apotheke, it is a place of cures, mostly holistic & natural. Being first generation in the states from a long lineage of herbalists, builders and designers, Planet Apothecary is a natural choice as our name for our family Farmacy. Our focus is whole in your care as we acknowledge the interrelatedness of people, process and place.

Our intention is to invite you and your Community Circles into an expanded perspective of that inter relatedness, to celebrate the ceremonies of nourishing ourselves, and playing with ease in and wonder as we exploring effective, simple and neuroscience based tools, simple tips, supplements and sustainable design that support your Whole'being through the brilliant lessons of what each Season and each Cycle offers.

We support you in understanding the remarkable way your Sensory DNA processes information through your vast brain bio-computers to know why you feel the way you feel in certain situations, in certain places and with certain people.

Welcome to this very small offering of seasonal celebrations and considerations that may inspire you in the awareness that you, your communities, our Planet and all its inhabitants, have remarkable tools at your disposal to reconnect with the origins of sustainable cycles of Whole'being.

​To continue that inner purification, remember your breath! Do be certain to get some fresh air, particularly when the AC is running. It behooves us to clean out airborne pollutants by choosing to diffuse or spray some essential oils like Happy Zap Orange or Radiance Pink Grapefruit. A scented cotton ball tucked into air ducts makes for an uplifting clean air experience!

When you are outdoors, it’s vital to use natural sunscreens. Explore those that contain only natural sun protectors and are gentle for even for children. Also, sun exposure causes us to use up our essential fatty acids more quickly. In fact, that is the underlying cause of what many people call “swimmer’s ear”, that summer ear infection that can create discomfort for many a “water-baby”.

Boosting your intake of Super GLAs or Omega EPA oils may decrease sunburn and prevent ear pain. Isn’t it perfect timing that we are able to celebrate National Avocado Day soon! Avocados are rich in these nutrients! Honor yourself with a guacamole fest. Share your most delicious version with your sensory systems and us!

Then get ready for July National Nude Day with more nourishing avocados inside and out with our incredible Mary Jane On Main Street Bath and Body Oil. With baring it all options right around the corner, it’s wise to glisten up your birthday suit with this healing oil combination. It also includes frankincense which can assist in fading freckles and blotchy spots.

Summer is also a vital time to pay attention to heart health. We can deplete lots of potassium when we perspire, and potassium is vital for proper heart rhythm. Choose Potassium every day and take a bit more when you’ve been working in the garden or out for a run.

Those amazing Avocados are at the top of our potassium rich treat list with bananas, watermelon,, beans (black, lima cannellini and more) , spinach, beets, cucumbers, eggplant and even summer pumpkins love your heart and your heart loves them.

Grow some, eat some and replenish. A great circle of exercise, sweat, fruits of your labor yielding a healthy body! (we’ll have recipes and images up for these in the 30 day posts)

Explore the benefits of our Bemer Micro-Circulation technology. The microcirculation it offers can be an incredible support system for the heart of what matters most: YOU. It’s heart insurance!

Our Corporate Partners enjoying the benefits of Bemer Microcirculation.

Remember to keep your enzymes handy. In summer, our diet changes and you might need some extra help in digesting your grilled summer foods. Try some fish on the grill, like salmon or tuna steaks. They’ll help with that extra helping of essential fatty acids. Or grill some of the garden harvest like zucchini, artichokes, Portobello mushrooms or squash. They’re just a few of the veggies that taste amazing grilled and they hep hydrate. Brush them with some extra virgin olive oil and you are good to go!

​As always, be present with both rest and exercise, eat a diet of some fresh foods every day, and be sure to breathe some fresh air. Open the windows in the house, office, schools, etc. so the fresh air can circulate, sweeping away those anaerobic bugs that are waiting to pounce on you!

​Then put your feet up and relax. Keep a KISS state of mind (Keep It Simple & Soothing) You’ve nourished and fortified and it’s vital to enjoy the knowing that your presence with self-care is nourishment unto itself.

Share your tips for celebrating National Simplicity Day!


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