• Jeanette Wolfe

A Story About a Goddess, A Boy and A Stroke of Insight

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

"I am blessed to have been interviewed by my wonderful colleague and now dear friend, Terrie Curry. Enjoy this remarkable insight into my experiences leading up to the birth of our Planet Apothecary Lab and now store. The images above represent my own transformational experience through my Life Lab modalities. Only the Planet Philterz natural and organic processes and bio-resonance have supported my return to whole being ~ Jeanette “

Planet Philterz | Facelift in a Bottle | Quantum Body

Upon meeting Jeanette one immediately notices that there is a fierce brilliance beneath her Goddess of Malta demeanor. While speaking she delivers complex ideas with a sweetness and innocence atypical of an intellectual. At times her flow of words are almost enigmatic while her laugh is melodic. “Awareness never ends. The nights are days and the days are nights, and it doesn’t really matter. Our work here on earth is to become aware, to be present with what is, and that is the flow of space I offer or demonstrate and am for others.”

Her language may at first seem enigmatic and yet the more time you spend with Jeanette, you come to “real-eyes” that what she speaks is as clear as her very forthright personality and matches the space of her laser like perception.

There were many iterations of her growing up. As a child in New York City she “played” in her dad’s textile factory. She learned how to start up the equipment, and operate the sewing and knitting machines, to sew, to knit and weave beautiful fabrics and sew unique garments. Little did she know it would be this simple childlike lifestyle that would catapult her into a successful corporate career in the future. However, somewhat abruptly at age 11 her parents decided to move to upstate New York and live on a farm. In Jeanette’s words, “It was like dropping Eva Gabor, literally to that Greenacres farm in the country”.

With a strong will even at this young age she set her mind immediately on “getting out” and moving back to NYC. By age 16 she was out of high school and she informed her parents, “That’s it! I’m going back!” And “going back” meant to the fashion world she loved. She started out in NYC with two majors: Textile Technology and Fashion Merchandising and Design and still, that wasn’t good enough. She yearned to challenge her sharp mind further, so she ended up completing her degree in industrial time management. She combined her intellect and innate intuitive knowing by forecasting color trends, textile designs, international sourcing and manufacturing efficiencies for various corporations. And this goddess was not to be limited to the mere domestic scene —- it didn’t take her long to realize she wanted to make her mark studying the international aspects of the textile industry.

Coming from a family where French and German were spoken at home she had an edge. While still in school she took a short jaunt to visit her extended family in the Black Forest of Germany and she loved it so much she didn’t want to return to the USA. In that moment she made up her mind she was getting a job where she could always travel to Europe. Jeanette freely expresses gratitude that in this incarnation whatever she has dreamed and intended has come true. Upon graduation she landed a great paying job at a textile consulting company even though she was fresh out of school with a bachelors degree and no experience. To her delight they hired her to go to all the trend shows and factories in Frankfurt and Paris to help forecast and trouble