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A Story About a Goddess, A Boy and A Stroke of Insight

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

"I am blessed to have been interviewed by my wonderful colleague and now dear friend, Terrie Curry. Enjoy this remarkable insight into my experiences leading up to the birth of our Planet Apothecary Lab and now store. The images above represent my own transformational experience through my Life Lab modalities. Only the Planet Philterz natural and organic processes and bio-resonance have supported my return to whole being ~ Jeanette “

Upon meeting Jeanette one immediately notices that there is a fierce brilliance beneath her Goddess of Malta demeanor. While speaking she delivers complex ideas with a sweetness and innocence atypical of an intellectual. At times her flow of words are almost enigmatic while her laugh is melodic. “Awareness never ends. The nights are days and the days are nights, and it doesn’t really matter. Our work here on earth is to become aware, to be present with what is, and that is the flow of space I offer or demonstrate and am for others.”

Her language may at first seem enigmatic and yet the more time you spend with Jeanette, you come to “real-eyes” that what she speaks is as clear as her very forthright personality and matches the space of her laser like perception.

There were many iterations of her growing up. As a child in New York City she “played” in her dad’s textile factory. She learned how to start up the equipment, and operate the sewing and knitting machines, to sew, to knit and weave beautiful fabrics and sew unique garments. Little did she know it would be this simple childlike lifestyle that would catapult her into a successful corporate career in the future. However, somewhat abruptly at age 11 her parents decided to move to upstate New York and live on a farm. In Jeanette’s words, “It was like dropping Eva Gabor, literally to that Greenacres farm in the country”.

With a strong will even at this young age she set her mind immediately on “getting out” and moving back to NYC. By age 16 she was out of high school and she informed her parents, “That’s it! I’m going back!” And “going back” meant to the fashion world she loved. She started out in NYC with two majors: Textile Technology and Fashion Merchandising and Design and still, that wasn’t good enough. She yearned to challenge her sharp mind further, so she ended up completing her degree in industrial time management. She combined her intellect and innate intuitive knowing by forecasting color trends, textile designs, international sourcing and manufacturing efficiencies for various corporations. And this goddess was not to be limited to the mere domestic scene —- it didn’t take her long to realize she wanted to make her mark studying the international aspects of the textile industry.

Coming from a family where French and German were spoken at home she had an edge. While still in school she took a short jaunt to visit her extended family in the Black Forest of Germany and she loved it so much she didn’t want to return to the USA. In that moment she made up her mind she was getting a job where she could always travel to Europe. Jeanette freely expresses gratitude that in this incarnation whatever she has dreamed and intended has come true. Upon graduation she landed a great paying job at a textile consulting company even though she was fresh out of school with a bachelors degree and no experience. To her delight they hired her to go to all the trend shows and factories in Frankfurt and Paris to help forecast and troubleshoot. Although she was young she had an incredible level of certainty and ability to trust herself. In the early days of her career she valued her intuition and when a problem seemed difficult to solve she would say, “Oh shit, I need to go home and figure this out!” As she asked questions within, answers came. Her power of intuition would continue serving her in a potent way throughout her life and her career.

As her twenties ended she found herself getting very ill from traveling, working and not really taking care of herself. At this point in her life she was married and ready to have a baby. Getting pregnant wasn’t working and she had to look at why she wasn’t healthy. Stress was the largest contributing factor. She was married to a husband who was depending on her to be the major breadwinner and success story in the family. He was twelve years older and he came from a different mindset. He would always joke with his friends that he was waiting for Jeanette to make it to the big time so he could retire. At the time this attitude seemed “normal” to her. Despite the spousal pressure she became interested in slowing down and learning about health and wellness, and she became her own self-study, she now calls her life, her “lab” and offers a unique service called “Life Lab” to demonstrate to others the simplicity of returning “home to self”.

She started learning naturopathy already aware of certain things she had learned intuitively and from her own mother who was an herbalist. As her health became even more compromised she headed back home to the “farm” she had so enthusiastically rejected. She arrived craving some healthy food, clean living and a time-out from her intense lifestyle. She yelled with exuberance “Mom I’m back!” And with those words her mother handed her a local newspaper clipping and said, “Perhaps it’s time for you to see Rita Burn”. Rita was an energy healer who at over 100, a student of Edgar Cayce was a gem tucked away in a tiny rural town in the mountains close to the family farm. And in case there was a chance that Jeanette would doubt her mother’s direction, mom repeated, “You need to go see her.” Jeanette replied in her perpetual childlike curiosity, “Okay cool!” Spiritual healing was not new to her family. She could remember her father telling how members of his lineage had participated in and orchestrated what seemed miraculous tales of healing. However Jeanette’s father had been in a concentration camp in the Holocaust and he had deep misgivings about not showing outwardly who he and his family really were. Therefore at home her parents had skirted around these issues. So to be guided to see Rita Burn was like the family taking a big step to come out of what Jeanette calls “a spiritual closet”.


Rita Burn contributed to Jeanette’s pursuit of well-being through her gentle and ancient methods, but more importantly she foretold the coming of a little baby boy with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. When Jeanette did get pregnant she was high risk and had to go for sonograms every couple of days. Even in utero Jeanette knew her son Samm was a very energetically sensitive being as he would “hide” from the ultra sounds and cause nurses to wonder “where he was? “. She also perceived he was a remarkable child. After a very difficult birth, Samm became a catalyst for his mother in every regard. The marriage declined quickly. Even though Jeanette was still working she started her own textile consulting business and was able to work from home. All of her attention was directed at her new business, a growing interest in naturopathy, with her decision to become a Naturopathic doctor and most vitally, her new baby.

Samm was in touch with the world in ways Jeanette had never experienced. He was a very precocious incredibly perfect energy. He used to pick up dead mice and in seconds they would come to life and scurry off on their way. As a friend followed Samm around with a camera fascinated with his capacities, animals and critters of every kind would come out of the woods. Samm would pet snakes and kiss the birds and at the time it was all “pretty wild”, literally and figuratively, Jeanette jokes. Life was idyllic until at the age of five when Sam developed strep, which escalated to scarlet fever. The school he was attending summed up his potential by describing him as non-functional. At the time Jeanette was desperately looking for a “diagnosis” or a label and a way to get her son “better”. The whole situation was soobscure. The medical professionals weren’t sure if it was neurological, immunological, brain chemistry or if it was behavioral because there were so many shifts in behavior. There was repetitive fear and none of it made sense. At the time for Jeanette as a mom it was all about “tell me what he has”. So, when they came up with PANDAS the acronym for pediatric auto immune dysfunction associated with strep, she was relieved just to fill in the blank.

The thing was, Samm didn’t really fit the entire profile. It was obvious that the fever significantly affected his immune system but the medical team jumped to conclusions. They told her from a medicalstandpoint he would be the boy in the bubble. They said anything could set him off and that he would continuously re-infect with strep and any cold or virus would continually debilitate. They predicted everything would get worse and so they recommended a treatment of blood transfusions for three years. There was a window in which to apply for the blood transfusions program and looking back it was fortunate the deadline was missed due to a slow or delayed formal diagnosis from the doctors.

Jeanette’s journey with her son who is now a voice actor and promising Tech Journalist, is a story (they both agree) for a technicolor production. They often smile together as he tells her, “Mom the screenplay will be written and produced when I am ready to do it my way.” Jeanette continues to honor and respect his choices and the multidimensional ways he creates.


At the end of 2013 Jeanette’s awareness was tested with a razor’s edge. And everything she had learned and experienced with her son and patients came into play affording her a wisdom she could apply to a new vision of life. While working with a stroke patient in her Life Lab, a stroke hit Jeanette with a force and in those first moments of realization, she was shocked at being unable to close her right eye or put her lips and tongue together in certain ways. She found herself unable to speak. In the hospital she was told she would not breath or swallow without support, see with her right eye or move the right side of her face, ever again. They offered her steroids and plastic surgery with limited reconstruction. As the neurologist walked out of Jeanette’s hospital room she commented, “Such a shame you were such a lovely woman.” Jeanette recalls thinking to herself, “No, no, no, no, no... get me out of here, take me home.” And after the 3rd negative assessment, that is what she did, she checked herself out! “My body felt so overwhelmed, numb and disconnected at the same time and what I did feel from the inside out, was crazy painful and my senses were heightened to what I would describe as almost canine hearing. I now realize my sensory awareness exploded to what I have come to learn is an often-excruciating space of an autist, knowing where cold air leaks entered a room that no one else could detect, clocks ticking that felt like drums and touch from those with intentions that arose from fear and judgment were unbearable. I also began to “feel” words and sounds in painful ways that made anything other than authentic expression or truth, simply not an option.

This period honed my birth gift of intuition around sounds and numbers as the underlying foundation of language. Language and expression that we might consider as obligatory, socially or politically correct, or sympathetic (initiating in meeting people in their pain, judgment, tactics or strategies or creating drama) vs authentic expression (empathetic and solution based) became highly self-evident I now know this time in my life as the birth of my full understanding of Clear Speak™” she admitted. In staying present with herself and existing in now time which means not fearfully projecting into the future that the physicians forecast for her, or the past (the stories that friends told her about the fate of stroke “victims” they knew ) she started with what she knew….treating herself with herbs and tinctures and the various energy techniques Rita Burns had demonstrated. She put her conscious attention on what she could give herself and how she could tend to herself in the moment. She had learned this from her son and she had coined the phrase “self-soothing”. Lying there in such sensory expansiveness she could now understand self soothing from a place of experience.

She knew from having experienced finding solutions pre-stroke to what it meant to apply self-soothing in a state of sensory overload. That was an incredible gift from the energetically sensitive children like her son. Some of these children have a sensory intelligence that others may describe as appearing disconnected, emotionally detached or quirky and yet they are genius in that they choose authenticity over being socially acceptable. She states emphatically, “I watched myself and noticed what “worked”, at times, literally, second to second, particularly in synchronizing my breath and swallowing, or “speaking” with my eye to close. I know now that as a human we are able to reconfigure matter (our body) with simply our awareness. She points out that the piece that takes us out of that capacity to reorganize ourselves, our health or as she prefers to state, “our wholeness”, is that we become distracted. We want to “get better”, which takes our mind out of presence and into the future and so the dis’ease remains longer or perpetually.

Humans are often triggered by a piece of information from a perceived authority figure or even google, that we make our experience, we make it personal and we claim it as ‘ours’. At this point, the mind makes “it” mean something and locks whatever conclusion we come up with into our world. We make someone else’s unhappy ending our probability, when we exist in fear and forgetting we can create our own experience.” Jeanette goes on to explain, “We humans, tend to search for a threat, the next ax to fall, and oft argue for our limitations. Instead if we shift to simply be with our feelings and senses, without making up a ‘mind story’ on what may happen or the horror of what others tell us happened to us , we are able to stay with what is our Sensory IQ™, and in that now moment, everything the mind thought was true, falls away and we are able to transmute our dis’ease. She describes her work at the Life Lab, applying various electroceuticals (sound and light technologies) in supporting the key piece: the achieving of the physical body's OVERALL vibrating at that highest frequency all of the time, to gain the ability to not vibrate back into the (old) unconscious frequency again and the ability to hold and achieve the most coherent and clear frequency in the physical form here.”

Jeanette’s new vision is based on the realization that it is truly sound that creates. At the time of her stroke she was enthralled with a movie with Eddie Murphy, A Thousand Words. Murphy plays a marketing maven who makes money by talking about ideas and philosophies. He hires a guru to write a book and when the guru hands him an envelope with just a few words Murphy is furious. He orders the guru to go back and write a real book. That night a massive tree sprouts in Murphy’s backyard and for every time he uses frivolous words or words that are not authentic the tree loses leaves. As the leaves fall off Murphy experiences a complete dismantling of his life and emergence into authentic whole and joyful experience.

Knowing the power of words and the potency of authenticity from personal experience, Jeanette has developed a program called Clear Speak™. In her words, “Clear Speak™ brings you back to the place of self awareness and true expression in your speech. It does this by kicking everything else out of the room. It reminds you that you and only you create your own reality and that transpires through your conscious choice of words and actions. Clear Speak modalities continually bring you back to: ‘right here, right now, what am I able to action? How may I self edit to ease this moment into flow?’ It empowers empaths to grow beyond the place where they dismiss themselves. And it reminds those who would typically not allow space and cadence to be aware of boundaries and allow empaths to speak. It eliminates projections. In that highly sensory space throughout the earliest months after the big stroke, I saw how we as humans use all these extra words, and often disempowering colloquialisms (both internally as debilitating self-talk, as well as with others and the world at large) that dilute or hide our messages according to collective agenda that we have been taught to cater to. The expressions are what we have been programmed to think is socially acceptable rather than what is authentic. Clear Speak™ is a bridge into fifth dimensional creation and is the language of present moment. It eliminates wait and weight”.

Jeanette is now fully engaged sharing corporate programs for the implementation of Clear Speak™ as her new vision to be a bridge for individuals, families, employees and even cities to create a new paradigm in creation. Her Life Lab offers this sound and light technology of vibrational restructuring both physiologically and geographically. This is the space Jeanette embodies and offers. Jeanette has been told she creates the atmosphere of potentials and possibilities. She IS such a lovely woman…..not a shame at all!

~Terrie Curry

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