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My Planet Apothecary

Seasonal Wellness

My greatest lessons and most fond memories occurred around a heavy, round, oak table in my family’s kitchen. Its heavy clawed feet grounded us. It was the heart center of the entity of the family, the nucleus of sharing.

​Our circle, our table, was the central point of preparing meals as well as the daily and seasonal harvest for canning, freezing, pickling and gelling. It was the spot we would lay out the medicinal and culinary herbs for storing when the seasons changed.

It was essentially our womb: the safe space to share about our daily experiences.

As a child, I would listen to my parent’s share the wisdom from their parents and grandparents regarding how each plant had its season and it’s reason.

We learned about the Doctrine of Signatures and the magic of reading every nuance of a plant’s colors, scents, roots, leaves and all it’s characteristics and how to draw correspondences to our personal bodies, organs and health. Our garden became our pharmacy, our Apothecary. In Europe, when something ails you, you visit the Apotheke, it is a place of cures, mostly holistic & natural, hence the name Apothecary.

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