Our Planet Philterz name is derived from the word Philter: related to magical or medicinal elixirs. 

Throughout history, some have been thought to enchant or bring love.

Ours are created with Love. 

Our Planet Philterz nourishing self care products offer microcirculation which enhance your body's innate ability to flow

toxins out, boosting your body's ability to naturally rejuvenate.




6 weeks using Planet Philters Solutions   

My face has never gotten so much loving attention....and thoroughly enjoying the care.

When I look in the mirror my skin looks radiant, smoother, wrinkles lessening and the twice daily massaging in of the creams and happy face spray felt wonderful, face tingling with delight afterwards.

I have enjoyed instilling new routines of nurturing my body over these last six weeks, new awarenesses of what it means to nurture on many levels and a variety of ways.

I am deeply appreciative of being asked to participate in this love project.


So much valuable information beyond  the products themselves and what a feeling of being loved and supported throughout the journey. AND am looking forward to being able to purchase your product line made with so much love.

Thank you again and has been pure delight to participate.

Karilyn Gomez~



6 weeks using Planet Philters Solutions   

Beautiful compilation of multifaceted (multidimensional) products. 


  • Cream: Love the consistency of the cream, so rich! Feel it really helped plump up/youthify my skin.  

  • Spritz: Just love to inhale deeply after using Spritz into the air around the face!

      Noticed that the skin took a turn toward closing the blemishes after it arrived. 

  • Personal Essential Oil : Loved putting it on my crown/ 3dr eye, great for putting in my various diffusers. 

All of this taking care of me has sparked me to take more moments for nurturing this body, taking foot baths, sun bathing etc. 

Heather Bryant~