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character specifically designed to promote the outlined goals through a curated menu of activities, videos, and products.

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Self Mastery. Control. Emotional Intelligence.



Guardian of the Root Chakra, Lam is the Pod focused on trust and grounding.

When fear strikes us, we can often find ourselves anxious and then, overwhelmed. By practicing techniques that provide a safe place for us to experience fear without the threat of anxiety, we can confront these emotions in a healthy way and be able to better control our responses.

Exercises to Promote:

Self Mastery. Control. Emotional Intelligence.

Feeling a little overwhelmed today? Take a breather and bring LAM to life with color! Download a special LAM coloring page for your little one to print and enjoy!



A little anxiety creeping your child’s way? Sit together to listen to this poem. Then, follow LAM’s lead in planting your feet, reaching your arms to the sky, and repeating LAM’s affirmations.



Carve out a little time this week to ground you and your little one with some breathing and stretching. Check out this routine by Cosmic Kids Yoga for some stretches and stories.

Continue your LAM sensory journey towards Self Mastery, Control, and Emotional Intelligence with


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Exploration. Compassion. Independence.


Guardian of the Belly Chakra, Vam is the Pod focused on emotions and feeling.

 When we feel an uncomfortable emotion, we label the emotion as “bad”. We use this tactic to prevent ourselves from feeling anything that may be “wrong”, instead of giving ourselves permission to feel what we feel. Practice giving yourself the space to be true to your experience without focusing on how you “should” feel or what is a “right” response. Remove the shame & be more confident in your interaction with the world.

Exercises to Promote:

Happiness. Enthusiasm. Self Assurance.

Take some time to check in with your little one today by bringing VAM to life with color! Download a special VAM coloring page for your little one to print and enjoy. 

Ask them about the colors they are using, and if they mind you joining in! Let them guide your color selection and where they want you to color, building trust and open communication in even the most simple of activities.



Is your child having some trouble navigating their internal landscape?


Sit together to listen to this poem. Then, use this opportunity to start a conversation:

“How are you feeling?” Listen to your child’s response, thank them for sharing, and tell them it is ok to feel how they feel. Conversations like these will become easier the more you have them and will do more than just build your child’s confidence, they will strengthen your relationship as well!



Take advantage of the warm summer weather and go on a bike ride adventure with your little one! 

Give your child the opportunity to guide the adventure by presenting them with options, “Would you like to go left or right?” “Would you like to pause here to smell these flowers or take a rest under the tree’s shade?” 
By giving them the opportunity to exercise their autonomy, you are also giving them the space to feel comfortable making decisions and expressing preferences.

Continue your VAM sensory journey towards Happiness, Enthusiasm & Self Assurance with


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Personal Power. Self Esteem. Motivation.



Guardian of the Solar Plexus Chakra, Ram is the Pod focused on confidence and self esteem.

When we experience emotions that we worry won’t be acceptable to others, we may rewrite how we feel. We may share that we feel one way when we really feel another. Nonacceptance is an uncomfortable experience, feeling we can’t be who we really are is more uncomfortable. Giving ourselves permission to feel how we feel & the freedom to express those feelings in complete vulnerability is a powerful & joyous celebration.

Exercises to Promote:

Personal Power. Self Esteem. Motivation.

Coloring an image the way we want may be one of the most simple ways of exercising our will.

Print out this coloring page of RAM for your little one and be sure to give them a rainbow full of options to play with.


What is RAM up to? Invite your little one tell RAM’s latest story by filling the RAM coloring page background.

Is RAM playing outside near the trees? Or is RAM soaring in the sky? It’s up to your little one!



We all need reminding that it is ok to feel how we feel. Listen to the RAM poem with your little one and consider the times you have rewritten your own feelings for others. How did that feel?


Invite your little one into the discussion by sharing some of your experiences and asking them what makes their tummies ache. Then, share RAM’s wisdom and repeat after RAM, “I’m willing and able, my core fire is stable! My own power is secure, I know what I know and I am sure!”



Rollerblading is experiencing a resurgence in popularity—time to introduce rollerblading to the next generation! 

Put on your safety pads and roll through your neighborhood with your little one. 
What haven’t you seen or noticed before? 

What do you hear, sense, smell? 

Ask your little one what they notice. You will be surprised at what they share with you!

Continue your RAM sensory journey towards Personal Power, Self Esteem & Motivation with


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Exploration. Compassion. Independence.



Guardian of the Heart Chakra, Yam is the Pod focused on love and compassion.

Love can be an interesting thing to navigate—whether it be love for others or for ourselves. We may not always allow ourselves feel love or show love (if we even know how). YAM reminds us that love starts from within and is an all-encompassing act of acceptance and compassion for others, and also for ourselves. When we don’t feel joy, when we are hurt or sad, we may be inclined to bury that  discomfort deep within ourselves to avoid feeling what we feel.

Burying discomfort, means we are not accepting our whole feelings. Consider opening yourself to exploring it, understanding it, accepting it, and then embracing it. Let yourself lead from a place of compassion, again, not just for others, but and also for yourself. Open yourself to love. And radiate from it.

Exercises to Promote:

Exploration. Compassion. Independence.

Give your little one a rainbow palette and have them fill YAM’s world full of color. As they color, play the “Rose and Thorn” game. Have them share the roses in their lives, the positives. Then, ask them about the thorns,  the little pricks or triggers that feel uncomfortable.  Explore the thorns with them. What is it about these thorns that instill uncomfortable feelings?


Is there a way to explore how to make that thorn into a bud (or a new opportunity to be your most whole self)? Take some time to also share with them a couple of your own “Roses,” “Thorns,” and “Buds.” They may have some insights you haven’t considered!



Does your little one need an extra little snuggle today? Listen to YAM’s poem and hold them tight.


Then, practice YAM’s deep belly breaths, in and out. Keep deep breathing as a calm settles in. Repeat YAM’s mantra, “I practice and embody unconditional love,” and follow with some more YAM deep belly breaths. Note the change in your little one’s energy. Are they feeling better? Offer them the opportunity to select the next step—more cuddles, more breathing, more spoken affirmations, and/or more listening to YAM’s poem. Remind them that this is a daily practice, and that navigating these feelings is not bad—just a part of being human.



Take advantage of the cooling weather and fresh air and play a little kick ball with your little one.


It doesn’t have to be a complete game of soccer—it can be as simple and running up and down the length of a local field, kicking the ball back and forth between one another.

Ask them to show you how far they can kick their ball and be amazed by their ability to channel their energy into a single direction!

Continue your YAM sensory journey towards Exploration, Compassion & Independence with


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Communication. Creativity. Self-Expression.


Guardian of the Throat Chakra, Ham is the Pod focused on communication and creativity.

Ham is the Pod focused on communication and creativity. When we hold inside our inner truth and experiences, we affect our relationship with our whole selves, we affect our relationships with others. Whether we share our experiences openly or closely guard them, the experiences themselves do not change, the relationships are what is affected.


Trust is strengthened through open and honest communication—both with ourselves and with others. By embracing our truth and investing in clear expression, we reinvigorate our self-worth. Communication, of course, goes both ways as we trust others will embrace our truth, and commit to listening to the truth of others. This is how whole connections are forged and maintained.

Exercises to Promote:

Communication. Creativity. Self-Expression.

Try this truth sharing exercise with the HAM coloring page! Print out two copies of the HAM coloring page—one for you and one for your little one—and each of you take a blue crayon. Take a moment to fill HAM with words and feelings you have been holding inside you (be sure to offer to help your little one write things out if they’d like!) Then, share each of those words and feelings with one another.


Once a feeling or word is shared, color over the words with the same blue crayon you used to write them. At the end of your sharing, you will have a whole, beautifully colored HAM and those words within HAM have been set free.



We can all hold the truths of our experiences back from projected fears of rejection or pain.

A way to help dissipate that fear is by embracing open communication and providing opportunities for honesty.


Sit with your little one and listen to HAM’s poem. Use HAM’s words as an entry into a discussion.


Tell your little one that their experiences and truth are valid and that they deserve to be heard. Open the conversation and give them an opportunity to share. It can take courage to speak up, so always thank them for being honest with you.  



Sometimes when we hold words or feelings back, it can feel like there is a literal a pressure on our throats.

Clear-out those passages by going out for a run with your little one.


Take them to a park or track and race with them to a mutually-selected finish line. Focus on breathing deep breaths and let fresh air circulate through your system.


Feel the pressure lessen with each exhale until you feel like your throat is able to be relaxed and clear of tension. You’ll see how much better you sleep following a good run!

Continue your HAM sensory journey towards Communication, Creativity & Self Expression with


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Imagination. Clarity. Intuition.


Guardian of the Third Eye Chakra, Om is the Pod focused on communication and creativity.

Ham is the Pod focused on Vision and Insight. There is a sense within us that acts as a compass. It guides us on an intuitive level, helping us navigate the unknown with internal awareness. As we mature and move through life experiences, we may begin to doubt that compass and internal knowing, thereby doubting our choices. Trust your compass and let it guide you.


You possess within you an internal knowledge and that knowledge becomes conscious the more you listen. What information do you know that you are called to recognize? What is something that you know that you have been doubting?  What knowing within you can you embrace?

Exercises to Promote:

Imagination. Clarity. Intuition.

When we can’t find the words to describe what is within us, we can use other communication methods in their stead. Print out two of this coloring page of OM (one for you and one for your little one) and each of you fill your own OM with colors, lines, scribbles, pictures—anything that is within you, even if you don’t know the words for what that is yet. Channel that knowing not yet rooted into words into OM. Then, share your OM with one another and describe what’s inside. If the words aren’t coming, describe the feeling, or why you made the color and line decisions you have. What do these markings mean to you? How do they make up what is within you? What is something within you that is coming to the surface to be revealed?



When it feels like there’s a energy around you or your little one that feels all encompassing or uncomfortable, take a moment for some internal excavation. Lie down together and close your eyes.


Listen to OM’s words. Let words and feelings wash over you, unfiltered. Trust what comes to you, and share with one another. Can you pinpoint a couple of specific moments of clarity? How does this clarity feel?


Consider why these truths may have been buried and what you can learn from this exercise. How can you embody this trust moving forward and make space for clarity in your life?



Go into a room with tons of natural lighting, put on some calming music, and stretch with your little one. Work your way into your stretches and emphasize the journey of feeling and connection. There is more to the stretch than “arriving” at it. Work into each stretch, testing your movements. Can you go deeper into this stretch? Gently deepen your movement and stay attuned into your body’s response. When you feel your body begin to tighten against the sensation, lessen the intensity. This is an exercise in listening, adjusting, and responding to your body. Marvel in appreciation of all the amazing things your body can do and all of the ways it communicates with you!

Continue your OM sensory journey towards Imagination, Clarity & Intuition with


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Friendship. Belonging. Ego.


Guardian of the Crown Chakra, R is the Pod focused on friendship and belonging.

Guardian of the Crown Chakra, R is the Pod focused on Spiritual Connection and Understanding. While R’s base color is violet, R is also white—the color of light. Like white light which can be seen as a rainbow of colors when refracted, R’s components are similarly constructed. Since we have journeyed through and learned the lessons of the Podz before R, we have come to a special space of unity, transformation, and evolution. We have embraced our emotions, sense of self, empathy, intelligence, and imagination, and now, with R as our guide, we can now use all that we have learned to recognize each other’s shared humanity and appreciate our contributions to our larger whole. Like all the colors that make white light, no one color is more important than any other. Each color is a necessary and integral part of the whole.

Exercises to Promote:

Friendship. Belonging. Ego.

There can be times that we might feel a bit alone and it's wonderful to realize all the love we have around us. A great way to remember how connected we are is to print out this coloring page of R (one for you and one for your little one!) and fill R up with all of the names of the people you love—family, friends, teachers, and helpers. Choose a different color for each name you write and once R is full of a rainbow of names, stick R up at eye level on a wall or fridge. Then, have your child relax theirs eyes with you so that all of these colors blend, swirl, and multiply. These colors, these people, make up the rainbow of love and belonging in your life. Now turn around, so your backs are to R. Ask your little one—Is R gone because I can’t see R? Listen to them remind you that something isn’t gone just because you can’t see it. And then remind them love is like that too. While we may not be able to see R and the rainbow of love that makes R anymore, we can always trust it is there.



Knowing that its fine to feel all of our feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones is important at all ages. In the times that we might feel a bit sad or mad or lonely in the idea that the world doesn't "get us" , a bit of extra support, a helping hand or a kind word is is just the magic required to remind us that we are loved and embraced wholly as we are.


Sit with your little one sit cross-legged in the sunlight. Ask that your little one close their eyes with you, and to focus on the sun’s warmth on their bodies. Then, play R’s Poem aloud for them, keeping their eyes closed and focused on the warmth of the sun. Once the poem is over, invite them to open their eyes with you. Ask them how they are feeling? Listen and let them shape the conversation. Remind them it is ok to still feel all of our feelings from sad to mad to glad and connected and that you are with them every step of the way.



Experience the joy of swinging together!

Use a rocking chair, porch-swing, rocker, community park tire swing—anything that has enough for you and your little one to swing together.


Hold your little one close as you rock the both of you back and forth. Invite them to help rock, setting the pace and intensity of the rocking. Embrace this time as a moment to be fully attentive to your little one.


Check in with them and ask them how they are feeling and if there’s anything they’d like to talk about. Leave them room to engage as they like—to share or to relax in accepting silence. The beautiful thing is that you are together, sharing in an experience, connected from your crown to your heart to your soles in love and acceptance.

Continue your R sensory journey towards Imagination, Friendship & Belonging with


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