The Importance

of Self Care 

Sensory Care Solutions. 

Scent by Scent. 

Color by Color. 

Stone by Stone.

Touch by Touch. 

Digtal Zoombie Regeneration Kits

Regenerate Your Self-Care with your Neuro-Nutrition Snack Kit to gestate

your pre~COVID innocence, your very inner sense and bid farewell to your inner Digital Zoombie.

You'll join your fellow Earthlings in planting a network of everlasting roots because we'll plant a tree in honor

of your purchase and we're adding an intention card chock full of seeds in planting HOPE wherever you are.

We'll send you a carefully curated Super Sensory Power Tool Kit of your color choice to use while you're parked

in front of your live learn work screens as we collectively adapt to living, learning and working WELL in a low touch/no touch world

that over activates our audio visual senses and under activates touch, smell, movement and balance.

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