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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Since my interview last month on Transformation Talk Radio so many of you have been asking me what I really "do", or what my "two minute elevator" speech is. Some of you know me from my earliest years in art and modeling, some from my years as a designer in the textiles industry, some as a marketing trend forecaster, some when I earned my Naturopathic PhD and opened Planet Apothecary Center in Princeton, NJ and some from C-Suite mentoring which has evolved into Global Wellness Technologies for cities and companies.

For me, it is all one and the same. I am all of it and none of it. I simply live in the moment and access what I need without leaving anything behind or waiting for something outside of me or in the future or even in this moment to somehow set me free.

Clients and patients often share with their friends and families that what I "do" is impossible to really find words to describe and that they simply "feel" a lightening of their concerns and discomforts as we connect. Many have said I offer them a permission slip to self to tell the truth, to be all they can be on consistent basis and shape their life from their most authentic expression and without worry of the future and holding onto pains from the past.

My only response to what I "do", is that I ask questions. I question everything and offer you mental questions to support your noticing of what is in your life and what you may repeat without being present to. I ask you what serves you and what doesn't. I ask you questions that open you up to choice and sensing. It is by opening ourselves to an expanded realization that we come to a place of choosing from the heart . Choosing from the heart creates sustainability.

I guess you could say that my questioning offers your potentials, possibilities and probabilities of realizing and choosing your own Sustainable Solutions.

Your conscious understanding of what has, in the past, and at times, in your present, been unconscious, enlightens your awareness of what is possible and to real eyes that what you have created that may be less than comfortable, you are able to dis-create and create anew from your expanded awareness.

Planet Apothecary Bio-Resonance and Quantum Body Mentoring Programs boost that awareness.

When we discover that we are able to "inform" our form with nourishment that certainly does include what we know as foods, minerals and supplements, as well as light, color, sound, crystalline frequencies, movement, breath, scent and so much more than what we have been traditionally taught "should" heal us, we are able to gently feed, balance and innately regulate our inner pharmacopoeia, our mood chemicals, our endocrine system, our neurology, psychology or brain chemistry. This in turn, re-informs or reboots our brain bio-computers with our innate sustainable software that returns us to well-being.

Our soon to be launched Planet Apothecary Store offers you self care products, plasma solutions, crystalline, chroma, aroma therapies and daily "Presence Points to Ponder" that you can easily apply to self edit and upgrade your brain bio-computer and overall Whole Being with moment to moment choices.

You'll discover our handcrafted self care collection of youngevity products boosted with light, sound, chroma and aroma therapies in natural plasmic mineral, vitamin and vegetable solutions called The Planet Philterz. We are thrilled to share our children's and family self care products bringing back the stories and songs of my childhood "imaginary" or actually "not so imaginary" friends called the Planet Podz. We brings play to self care and nourishment and top it all off with some eco-philanthropy connecting the dots with breath, scent , trees and kissing the earth with our feet.

The Clear Speak™ Mentoring and Quantum Body Whole Being™ Mentoring processes I have discussed on Transformation Talk Radio are simply geared to self realization: Personalized and highly individuated questions and reformatting of your self talk that support your self actualization through speaking clearly and hearing without filters. Self actualization arises through seeing yourself with clear vision and remembering the parts of you that you may have gently tucked away or slammed the door on. You return to WHOLE Being™.

Back to the radio show. As I listened to the first two tapings, including the one that was to air today, it confirmed to me the knowing that your transformation comes through interactive conversations with you, in your individual quest through eons, quest'eons :) and I am simply a consistent and clear reflection of you. The transformation is inside of you as you choose anew from your AHA, that there is another choice and from there another and another choice.

I am not here to speak at you for an hour, to give a "formula for getting healthy", to give you a "roadmap to success", or instructions for a "better" relationship" and certainly not to list the prevailing linear " how to manifest tips" that you can find from endless sources that tell you the huge "mistakes" you have been making and how they are going to "save" you from yourself and how to take "control" of your life or "find" consciousness.

I have decided not to air today as I reformat and return to the lack of "format" or simple reflections of your cadence and thought provoking questions, matter of fact observations, potentially proactive messages and I trust, some inspirational messages around my own rather accelerated path of finding ease by editing moment to moment out of dis'ease and in my own old and less than sustainable habit of thinking service to others was to "hold" space for them and to" take on" their dis'ease.

I have found that questions are the key that open your personal awareness and conscious choice to create over and over again with ease and grace. Drama, discomfort and dis'ease drops out of our life as we realize that truly there is no "out there out there", no one to save us, fix us, heal us and and we begin to know ease and peace from the inside out , accept what is and move from the mind into the Heart of what Matters for YOU.

What will you choose?

AND, as for the CLEAR SPEAK™ TALK RADIO episode that was to air today? and the reason I penned this now long message to begin with, well, do stay tuned for an authentic expression of Clear Speak™ , without any prevailing ideas around what Talk Radio and the idea of" getting help", "finding healing" or tips on "how to manifest". AND, as for the Planet Apothecary Store? it's birthing with the Lunar New Year...

Stay tuned for some test product offerings til then. Thank you All, for sharing you with me. All of my love and gratitude for confirming for me what I experienced as the creation in questioning everything and for reflecting back to me the power of your quest'ions .


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