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Mary Jane on Main Street's Yoda Bernie

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Mary Jane on Main Street has its roots in our deep and everlasting love for our Yoda Bernie Meister, Bermaid, Fuzzy Muse and Angel on Earth. 

Bernie found me and my son less than an hour after being dropped at a shelter almost 20 years ago. Bernie came to us with a series of symptoms and discomforts that vets ascribed as "normal" to the pekingese breeds.

We decided to explore all options and became very creative in his care. An eye the doc wanted to remove was treated with natural means and the vet, upon a return visit declared that this could not be the same canine. Digestive blips on the screen, joints that called for TLC and much more were treated with vitamins, fresh food (yes, I cooked for Bernie!).

As the last 11 months of his time with us had him moving slower and with less joie de vive and appetite, I began experimenting with the wonders of Hemp to offer him greater ease. I tucked infused ghee and bone broth into his favorite snacks and even used a syringe to infuse his beloved yogurt, meatballs and cheese cubes. He sighed a deep sigh, one month after his 18th birthday and looked up at me and smiled, then fell asleep in my arms to cross the rainbow bridge.

Bernie modeled such pure and unconditional love and inspired so many to know that love. He joined me at Planet Apothecary Centre and at my Lab and supported those so afraid of dogs to know love. Those that thought dogs were dirty and not to be touched, called for Bernie to be under the treatment tables when they came for sessions as his sighs were always so congruent with their relief.

Bernie's super power is LOVE, even now without form, he inspires us to create ease and grace through re~informing our nervous system what it feels like to relax into what is, to trust we can go with the flow of whatever arises. We trust that you will find that ease in your brain~ bio computers with a touch of our love infused Hemp products.


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