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Wakey Wakey Essential Oil Gemstone Roll-On

SENSE: Tactile . Smell . Sight


All Planet Apothecary Roll ons initiate with your personal and intuitively selected semi-precious gem stones, each of which is ceremoniously tuned in right timing with cosmic weather and with Bio-Resonance for your highest good. Each blend is tuned with our 9 chakras and their nine colors corresponding colors.

Each color is connected to various areas of our body and will affect us differently emotionally, physically, and mentally. We're here to help you discern how each color influences you, so you are able to effectively use color to give youan extra boost of energy or a bit of respite according to your needs.


If you wake up in the morning with little energy, or you need to prepare for a business meeting, this is where the power of colors can help.
All you have to do is reflect on the type of day you have planned; choose the color that will help you meet the demands of the day; and then absorb that particular color through our stone soapz, pure essential oils, roll-ons or breathe them deeply into your soul. It's like fueling your system with the right kind of gas.

Wakey Wakey Essential Oil Gemstone Roll-On

  • Wakey Wakey Essential Oil Gemstone Roll-on
    Notes of orange, grapefruit and our proprietary blend in coconut oil with Red Tigers Eye Gemstones.


    Roll-on to rise and shine in the morning or when you sense a call to action to add a bit of "rock and roll " to your day!
    ( pun intended and yes, there are really gem chip rokz in our roll on's )
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