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Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet

​Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet​

Healing | Friendship | Harmony


Crystals are part of the earth itself and our very origins. They are comprised of quartz and silica, which are major components our human body. Like color, gemstones emit a vibrational frequency which matches the field of both the earth and we human occupants.  

The energy field of gemstones is influenced by its geometric form, color and mineral content. For centuries, gems and crystals have been used for the purpose of enhancing many personal attributes.



Each Planet gemstone has its own unique healing lore​ and​ is said to have distinct properties that correspond to an energy center and that helps influence different areas of your life such as love, success, intuition, health and much more. 


  • You'll love the saturated hues and elegance of our round bracelets.
  • These quality natural stones are beaded on a durable elastic stretch cord.
  • They are also versatile enough to adapt to a wide variety of looks. ​ 
  • Our bracelets can be used to ​add an unexpected pop of color into your personal style.



Directions: Allow your inner guidance to help you choose the bracelet that will assist you that day or towards your goal. You can effortlessly stack a variety of colors together on your wrist to create a look that is completely unique to you or your neuro nutrition at the time.



Recommendations Accessories: Rub on a few drops of Sea Plasma or Fortification 461 essential oils onto the bracelet to initiate a higher vibration of energy. Or wear our Turquoise Color Therapy Glasses to amp up your personal frequency of the moment.

Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet

  • Sensory Snacks are neuroscience based quick, easy accessible tips tools, solutions, herbs, stories, scents, tones, colors, silks to use in our everyday routines that nourish your brain and balance your senses and support you to experience your most optimal self. 


    They are Neuro-nutrients.


    • Research shows that just 7-10 minutes of mindfulness in our self care with our simple Sensory Snacks can activate the Vagus Nerve which supports​ your immune system, digestion and many other aspects of your health.
    • ​We curate sensory menus combining all 7 senses that simply incorporate into your regular self-care habits.​ ​
    • No extra time required.


    At Planet we often combine gemstone bracelets or Sensory Soother Stones, with their corresponding scents and color therapy glasses as part of highly effective sensory and cognitive behavioral therapy with clinical proof that combining tactile​ ​(touch), visual (sight) and olfactory​ ​(smell) senses benefit our psychology in many ways.


    • The simple ceremony of feeling each stone individually and stating an "I am Mantra" has been used for centuries in mindfulness practices.
    • The smooth sensation of each gem warmed by your skin is enhanced with our gem stone scented pure essential oils and spritzes.
    • Motivate yourself and  your children to soothe your minds knowing the treasure of a real semi precious stone as part of your sensory diet. 
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