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Clear Speak™ Session

1- 60 minute Clear Speak™ Session                                                                         All Sessions via phone


Clear​ ​Speak​™​​ ​​​is​ ​a​ ​cultural​ ​language​ ​program​ ​which​ ​demonstrates​ ​how​ ​the words​ ​we​ ​use​ ​directly​ ​shape​ ​our​ ​lives.​ ​Sustainable​ ​Self​ ​Systems™ ​​​initiates neutral​ ​critical​ ​thinking​ ​and​ ​the​ ​ability​ ​to​ ​self-edit​ ​in​ ​present​ ​moment awareness​ ​with​ ​an​ ​elemental​ ​exploration​ ​of​ ​the​ ​core​ ​template​ ​or​ ​dynamic that​ ​individuals​ ​create​ ​from​ ​(earth,​ ​fire​ ​water,​ ​air,​ ​ethers,​ ​metal).

Combined,​ ​these​ ​programs​ ​create​ ​the​ ​space​ ​for​ ​multiple​ ​perspectives​ ​to coexist​ ​in​ ​cyclical,​ ​sustainable​ ​systems.​ ​Individuals​ ​to​ ​discover​ ​how​ ​to improve​ ​personal​ ​and​ ​professional​ ​relationships,​ ​improve​ ​and​ ​create​ ​tools to​ ​enhance​ ​their​ ​ability​ ​to​ ​set​ ​and​ ​achieve​ ​financial​ ​and​ ​time​ ​management goals​ ​and​ ​to​ ​be​ ​an​ ​overall​ ​more​ ​neutral,​ ​accepting,​ ​efficient,​ ​kind, self-sustaining​ ​creative​ ​and​ ​abundant​ ​human​ ​being.

Bottom​ ​line,​ ​with​ ​our​ ​words​ ​we​ ​create.
When​ ​we​ ​are​ ​aligned​ ​with​ ​self​ ​and​ ​able​ ​to​ ​self-edit​ ​moment​ ​to​ ​moment​ ​we

know​ ​ourselves​ ​as​ ​creators​ ​with​ ​clarity,​ ​certainty​ ​and​ ​sovereignty.

Clear Speak​™ ​​​​uncovers​ ​possibilities,​ ​opportunities​ ​to​ ​exist​ ​in​ ​now moment​ ​creatorship.

Clear Speak™ Session

  • Contact us for your 15 minute exploratory consultation  


  • Jeanette, You helped me so much yesterday I needed the insight you provided and now I feel this wonderful sense of being able to understand and let go of a lot of mental and emotional clutter (lots of baggage that I was clinging to that didn't really make sense). I feel freer that I have ever felt. I am (albeit, bizarrely drained) cleared and now I feel as though my journey can finally truly move forward.

    I didn't get to go process after our conversation yesterday (too much going on here), but when I got home I went for a long walk before starting the evening. I told my partner about it last night and he was amazed at how that history explained so much about the dynamics that have played out his life. He seemed so much lighter this morning! 



    "CLEAR SPEAK™ has dramatically extended my awareness around the way I handle the ideas around daily stressors in my life. 

    Even with just a few conversations with you Jeanette, I find these simple tweaks in my mental and verbal dialogues to be invaluable.

    It's actually a really great tool to be able to share the reasoning and science behind how my family and colleagues feel the difference to them and they are starting to CLEAR SPEAK™ too. 

    It has been beneficial in both my personal and professional life and enables me to manage my stress levels in a fast paced environment and accelerates my productivity. 

    I am so excited to continue"  

    —  C.A.


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