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Planet Philterz Essential Oil Collection

SENSE: Tactile . Smell 


The Planet Philterz Essential Oil Collection


Red Apatite

The Planet Philterz Holiday Holy Grail Mineral of Choice

Winter Doldrums? Whet your appetite with the Cure: Red Apatite...Bold, Energetic, Sensuous, Realistic

A most rare, holy grail mineral cure of choice for rejuvenation

Apatite is a dual-action stone, known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals.

It clears confusion, apathy or negativity, simultaneously stimulating  the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, may be used for individual growth or for the collective good.


Orange Fire Opal

Orange Fire Opal is the scent inspired by my mother. It nourishes caretakers and those invested in service.

Opal represents the fire of the human spirit. Its dancing auroras help keep our passions and dreams burning even when we believe our own vital spark has long since smoldered out and turned cold.

It's fiery amorphous light flashes glimpses of creative ignition and grounds those forces into matter again. It's crystalline essence provides structure with a soft touch.

This remarkable elixir can magnetize you to some choice you are inspired to make and some action you are motivated to take.

Support that comes your way that reflects your authentic manifestation of self and makes matter what matters to you.

A sensory delight and a sensuous combination of citrus,mandarin and dark cocoa lightens up deep emotion with love and clarity.


Aurum Gold

Egyptians  believed that gold was a mystical metal that represented the perfection of matter, and that its presence in the body would enliven, rejuvenate, and cure a multitude of diseases as well as restore youth and perfect health. In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the secret to youthful skin.

This blend sings all notes of warm and comforting and fills your every cell ,vein, organ and system, with golden lights..

Not just a singular sensation,not just several, all senses and sensations light up!



That inexplicable scent'sation comes after a long anticipated rain.

The Adirondack Mountains of my childhood cloaked us in this multidimensional scent when the rain fell through pine, spruce and oak trees, drenched fern fronds and mossy covered roots, shale ledges and river stones and soaked deep down into the rich dark soil.

This time warp scent takes you through the misty forest and then lingers on the pulse points with the sun drenched warm earth aromas.


Sea Plasma 
A crazy delicious blend of salty sea breezes, sun washed driftwood and a modern island touch of fresh coconut to warm us humans as we climb out of the ancient frothy brine.

It is generally believed that life evolved in the oceans, and living organisms reflect this aquatic past both by a high overall water content (50% for trees, 65% for people, 99.7% for jelly fish) and by an elaborate biochemistry established in salt solutions.

These solutions contain the same ions that were brought from the seas by the first amphibians. Thus, perhaps it is not surprising that there is a striking resemblance between the ionic composition of seawater and that of human blood plasma, one of the solvent systems for human metabolic chemistry.

Back to the deliciousness of this blend.and the alchemical  mystical tour to the fountain of youth it evokes ! Sea Plasma and you, perfect together, says the mountain girl now at the Jersey Shore.



Angelite essential oil elixir came to me in a dream as I was caring for my brother at a complex point in his health. Angelite is a gemstone to build a bright future in your life.

The meaning of Angelite as communication can also be applied to expression. That expression can be sharing messages from heaven in words or in daily expressions of your authentic self.

Angelite the stone was discovered during a harmonious planetary constellation in Peru and is considered a symbol of light and love in the world. The essential oils support a restful state of mind and the ability to "real eyes" expanded awarenesses.


Herkimer Diamond 

The first time I mined Herkimer Diamonds with my father I remember the scentsation of our hammers breaking open the sedimentary rocks after the long winter snow had melted and the spring waters lefts sparkling pockets teasing us to dig.

There was this incredible magical aroma that became stronger as we chipped away unearthing one more radiant crystal after another. My Father often told me tales of how in the family shamans and Alchemists would powder gems to create healing philterz that would fill the air with their heady scents.

That day I fully realized the truth of the sweet crisp scentsations of minerals and crystals. Who knew?

That scent'story is memorialized in this Adirondack Alpine-level representation of that first love of being a rock hound alchemist .La Chaim to life Dad! The violets are for Mom smiling in the background. Love you all ways and always.




Planet Philterz Essential Oil Collection

  • We at Planet Apothecary, 3 generations of Forest stewards, are inspired to donate the planting of a tree for every Planet Philterz Scent Collection and/or Planet Podz Scent Collection purchase through our partnership with

  • The Planet Philterz Essential Oil Collection

    "I am statements" with each scent phile support your knowing of the messages within each scent profile


    • Red Apatite 10 ml

    Red Apatite - "I am passionate creation"

    Ingredients: Notes of cinnamon, vanilla and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.


    • Orange Fire Opal 10ml

    I AM Statement: “I am creative ignition!”

    Ingredients: Notes of Citrus, Mandarin & Chocolate and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.


    • Aurum Essential Pure Oil10 ml

    Aurum  ​- ​"I relax in the soft velvety youth of my wholebeing"

    Ingredients: Notes of Patchouli, Mandarin, Lemon and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.


    • Petrichor 10ml

    Petrichor -  "I am refreshed and grounded"

    Ingredients: Notes of pine, spruce and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.


    • Sea Plasma 10 ml

    Sea Plasma - "I am sustainable flow"

    Ingredients: Notes of cedar, vetiver and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.


    • Angelite 10 ml

    I AM Statement : “I am expansive!”

    Ingredients: Notes of Frankincense, Myrrh,  Jasmine, Lavender and Nopal and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.


    • Herkimer Diamond 10 ml

     I AM Statement -"I am full spectrum brilliance"

    Ingredients: Notes of cyress, violet and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.

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