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Peridot Shell Silver Bracelet

Handcrafted using the finest materials.
These pieces are moving meditations for me..blessed with intention and honoring the multitude of Gifts of Earth & Sea. Blessings & Love to all who would select them.

Carved lightning on shells grounds ethers/air/electric with sea minerals, & earth. Peridot supports fresh starts for the Heart. Combine with our Petrichor Scent to support whole being.

Created with Love Light..from my heart to yours.

Peridot Shell Silver Bracelet

  • Most senses are located in specific locations on the body (eyes,ears,nose), however, the sense of touch is all over.  Some areas of the skin are more sensitive as they support greater nerve endings that register touch. 


    • Our Planet ROKZ are crafted mindfully with the stones caressing the skin.
    • As the stones warm to the body, they activate a sense of ease and kinship. 
    • Soother Stones are used in cognitive behavioral therapy with clinical proof that these stones benefit our psychology in many ways.
    • Scents and touch are the most intangible and immediate stimulants for sensory well being.


    In a world where human touch is censored, come to your senses and give yourself the gift of touch with scent to remember the brilliance of human connection in its most tribal roots of feeling loved and nurtured. 
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