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Master Mentoring Session

1- 60 minute Master Mentoring Session                                                                   All Sessions via phone


Jeanette’s clients are highly self-aware and often operating a few light years beyond what might even be considered "cutting edge"

They already have a deep sense of intuitive action'ability and are sensorily aware of their next level of potential, even when they aren’t fully embodying it quite yet.

Your heightened self-awareness coupled with Jeanette's empathic knowing and skill sets,create a space of miraculous creation. 

There is oft a profound “ah ha!” moment where she will smile and nod and share, “you know what you know what you know”. 

Schedule with Jeanette and enter a life changing Mentoring Program realizing that it involves your full commitment to self.



Master Mentoring Session

  • Contact us for your 15 minute exploratory consultation  



  • Jeanette Wolfe is a rare find.

    Her mentoring and processes combine her consistent authentic professionalism with multiverse class skill and sensitivity that takes you beyond the idea of results into actualization of new awarenesses.

    Jeanette invites you into an expanded space as she shares from a clear space of keen observation, active listening, heartfelt compassion and a matter of fact clarity beyond the collective idea of healing with her deep understanding and ability to tap into tools that support your expansion beyond the idea of your thoughts and concerns.

    Jeanette has the uncanny ability to read a "problem" accurately and work energetically to make it different. Jeanette has the ability to address problems on a level that actually changes them.


    I recognize Jeanette as one of a handful of elite practitioners who really gets to the root of a issue and eliminates it. I trust her.


    I am grateful for all the life altering changes she has helped me to bring into my child's life which, in turn, completely shifted my husband's and my relationship , as well as our career. 

    ​—  Melania,  Mom, philanthropist, wife, human



     It's been 11 years of on again off again mentoring, coaching, ahas and some significant uncomfortable moments of looking at myself with Jeanette. I always stretch with her. 

    Even when we are not actively engaged for a while there is something about Jeanette's consistent clear support that is always in the background of my life. 

    Her audios over the years later provide observations that impact every relationship I have. 

    Jeanette has touched nations through her conversations with me. 

    She has played a crucial role in my entire experience through her quiet knowing . 

    ​— Jorge B. -Rome



    "It takes a great deal of courage to be the full expression of yourself...

    Jeanette provides practical, perceptive, hands-on information which will enhance every aspect of your spiritual growth and physical awareness, both as a leader and as an individual. 

    I challenge you not to be inspired!"

    ​—  Bill Ayling, Director Bio-Resonance Programming-UK


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