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Bespoke Signature Scent Session

1- 60 minute Bespoke Signature Scent Session                                                     All Sessions via Phone 


Join in a collaborative and interactive session with Jeanette in crafting your own unique and personal scent. Throughout your conversation Jeanette will lead you through your own observations around your sensory IQ and how you navigate time and space.


You will receive a 10 ml pure blend of any combination of sounds, colors, gems, essential oils and a personalized mantra.This process is in collaboration with you in loving and gentle support of your joy and wholeness. 


The Planet Philterz ~ Bespoke, Customizable  scent

Planet Apothecary is paying homage to its European Apothecary or pharmacy roots, offering clients the opportunity to experience custom-compounded philes. .. 


Jeanette is dedicated to crafting your  bespoke scents  tailored just for you...“Individuality”, the definition of luxury.


We've designed a questionnaire that explore some fun facts about your most authentic you and will craft the combinations of tones to create the harmonics of your bespoke scent.


Schedule your one on one consultation with Dr Jeanette Wolfe.

Bespoke Signature Scent Session

  • To Bespoke or not to Bespoke, that may be your question!


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