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Blue Chroma Therapy Glasses

SENSE:  Sight


Our Colored glasses are an easy to use Sensory Snack.

They are Neuro-Nutrition!


We receive 90% of our information through our eyes. 

Simply by wearing the Planet Apothecary’s Chroma therapy Glasses, the distribution of energy and harmony in the body is influenced (directly by that color) since the color acts through the eye directly upon our body’s physical, mental and emotional system, in turn improving our overall state of being!


  • Chroma glasses are fun for your children to add to The Planet Podz conversational poems and bija mantras and bring greater self awareness as they explore how they feel when seeing the world through various lenses.
  • Planet Apothecary's research shows promising results in children's well being as they experience various chroma glasses exercise.

Blue Chroma Therapy Glasses


    Reduce fevers • Lowers blood pressure • Calming & relaxing • Ease migraines, sore throats



    • Blue can be used for any types of ailments associated with speech, communication or the throat because it connects us to holistic thought and gives us wisdom and clarity, enhancing communication and speech.
    • Blue stimulates muscle and skin cells, nerves and the circulatory system while also lubricating joints and helping address infections, stress and nervous tension.
    • It has a pacifying effect on the nervous system, encouraging relaxation and is a mentally relaxing color, making it ideal for insomnia.
    • These relaxing, soothing blue rays also bring a great calm and peace to a mind that is worried or in an excited or nervous state. 
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