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THE PLANET PODZ: Family Interactive Development


Crafted for you and your child


Check in every other week as we explore new interpersonal and interpersonal goals sure to bring growth,

joy, comfort, and connection during these unprecedented times—and beyond.

Each offering will feature a different Podz 

character specifically designed to promote the outlined goals through a curated menu of activities, videos, and products.

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Miss an offering?

Want to revisit a previous exercise?

Don’t worry!

Past guides are available below so you and your child can join at any time without missing a step!



Friendship. Belonging. Ego.


Guardian of the Crown Chakra, R is the Pod focused on friendship and belonging.

Guardian of the Crown Chakra, R is the Pod focused on Spiritual Connection and Understanding. While R’s base color is violet, R is also white—the color of light. Like white light which can be seen as a rainbow of colors when refracted, R’s components are similarly constructed. Since we have journeyed through and learned the lessons of the Podz before R, we have come to a special space of unity, transformation, and evolution. We have embraced our emotions, sense of self, empathy, intelligence, and imagination, and now, with R as our guide, we can now use all that we have learned to recognize each other’s shared humanity and appreciate our contributions to our larger whole. Like all the colors that make white light, no one color is more important than any other. Each color is a necessary and integral part of the whole.


Exercises to Promote:

Friendship. Belonging. Ego.

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There can be times that we might feel a bit alone and it's wonderful to realize all the love we have around us. A great way to remember how connected we are is to print out this coloring page of R (one for you and one for your little one!) and fill R up with all of the names of the people you love—family, friends, teachers, and helpers. Choose a different color for each name you write and once R is full of a rainbow of names, stick R up at eye level on a wall or fridge. Then, have your child relax theirs eyes with you so that all of these colors blend, swirl, and multiply. These colors, these people, make up the rainbow of love and belonging in your life. Now turn around, so your backs are to R. Ask your little one—Is R gone because I can’t see R? Listen to them remind you that something isn’t gone just because you can’t see it. And then remind them love is like that too. While we may not be able to see R and the rainbow of love that makes R anymore, we can always trust it is there.



Knowing that its fine to feel all of our feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones is important at all ages. In the times that we might feel a bit sad or mad or lonely in the idea that the world doesn't "get us" , a bit of extra support, a helping hand or a kind word is is just the magic required to remind us that we are loved and embraced wholly as we are.


Sit with your little one sit cross-legged in the sunlight. Ask that your little one close their eyes with you, and to focus on the sun’s warmth on their bodies. Then, play R’s Poem aloud for them, keeping their eyes closed and focused on the warmth of the sun. Once the poem is over, invite them to open their eyes with you. Ask them how they are feeling? Listen and let them shape the conversation. Remind them it is ok to still feel all of our feelings from sad to mad to glad and connected and that you are with them every step of the way.

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Experience the joy of swinging together!

Use a rocking chair, porch-swing, rocker, community park tire swing—anything that has enough for you and your little one to swing together.


Hold your little one close as you rock the both of you back and forth. Invite them to help rock, setting the pace and intensity of the rocking. Embrace this time as a moment to be fully attentive to your little one.


Check in with them and ask them how they are feeling and if there’s anything they’d like to talk about. Leave them room to engage as they like—to share or to relax in accepting silence. The beautiful thing is that you are together, sharing in an experience, connected from your crown to your heart to your soles in love and acceptance.

Continue your R sensory journey towards Imagination, Friendship & Belonging with


VIOLET Chroma Therapy Glasses, "R's" Stone Soapz, Violet Wellness Pedi-Cure Collection, and more.

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