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THE PLANET PODZ: Family Interactive Development


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Check in every other week as we explore new interpersonal and interpersonal goals sure to bring growth,

joy, comfort, and connection during these unprecedented times—and beyond.

Each offering will feature a different Podz 

character specifically designed to promote the outlined goals through a curated menu of activities, videos, and products.

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Imagination. Clarity. Intuition.


Guardian of the Third Eye Chakra, Om is the Pod focused on communication and creativity.

Ham is the Pod focused on Vision and Insight. There is a sense within us that acts as a compass. It guides us on an intuitive level, helping us navigate the unknown with internal awareness. As we mature and move through life experiences, we may begin to doubt that compass and internal knowing, thereby doubting our choices. Trust your compass and let it guide you.


You possess within you an internal knowledge and that knowledge becomes conscious the more you listen. What information do you know that you are called to recognize? What is something that you know that you have been doubting?  What knowing within you can you embrace?


Exercises to Promote:

Imagination. Clarity. Intuition.


When we can’t find the words to describe what is within us, we can use other communication methods in their stead. Print out two of this coloring page of OM (one for you and one for your little one) and each of you fill your own OM with colors, lines, scribbles, pictures—anything that is within you, even if you don’t know the words for what that is yet. Channel that knowing not yet rooted into words into OM. Then, share your OM with one another and describe what’s inside. If the words aren’t coming, describe the feeling, or why you made the color and line decisions you have. What do these markings mean to you? How do they make up what is within you? What is something within you that is coming to the surface to be revealed?



When it feels like there’s a energy around you or your little one that feels all encompassing or uncomfortable, take a moment for some internal excavation. Lie down together and close your eyes.


Listen to OM’s words. Let words and feelings wash over you, unfiltered. Trust what comes to you, and share with one another. Can you pinpoint a couple of specific moments of clarity? How does this clarity feel?


Consider why these truths may have been buried and what you can learn from this exercise. How can you embody this trust moving forward and make space for clarity in your life?

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Go into a room with tons of natural lighting, put on some calming music, and stretch with your little one. Work your way into your stretches and emphasize the journey of feeling and connection. There is more to the stretch than “arriving” at it. Work into each stretch, testing your movements. Can you go deeper into this stretch? Gently deepen your movement and stay attuned into your body’s response. When you feel your body begin to tighten against the sensation, lessen the intensity. This is an exercise in listening, adjusting, and responding to your body. Marvel in appreciation of all the amazing things your body can do and all of the ways it communicates with you!

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