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THE PLANET PODZ: Family Interactive Development


Crafted for you and your child


Check in every other week as we explore new interpersonal and interpersonal goals sure to bring growth,

joy, comfort, and connection during these unprecedented times—and beyond.

Each offering will feature a different Podz 

character specifically designed to promote the outlined goals through a curated menu of activities, videos, and products.

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Miss an offering?

Want to revisit a previous exercise?

Don’t worry!

Past guides are available below so you and your child can join at any time without missing a step!


Exploration. Compassion. Independence.


Guardian of the Heart Chakra, Yam is the Pod focused on love and compassion.

Love can be an interesting thing to navigate—whether it be love for others or for ourselves. We may not always allow ourselves feel love or show love (if we even know how). YAM reminds us that love starts from within and is an all-encompassing act of acceptance and compassion for others, and also for ourselves. When we don’t feel joy, when we are hurt or sad, we may be inclined to bury that  discomfort deep within ourselves to avoid feeling what we feel.

Burying discomfort, means we are not accepting our whole feelings. Consider opening yourself to exploring it, understanding it, accepting it, and then embracing it. Let yourself lead from a place of compassion, again, not just for others, but and also for yourself. Open yourself to love. And radiate from it.

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Exercises to Promote:

Exploration. Compassion. Independence.

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Give your little one a rainbow palette and have them fill YAM’s world full of color. As they color, play the “Rose and Thorn” game. Have them share the roses in their lives, the positives. Then, ask them about the thorns,  the little pricks or triggers that feel uncomfortable.  Explore the thorns with them. What is it about these thorns that instill uncomfortable feelings?


Is there a way to explore how to make that thorn into a bud (or a new opportunity to be your most whole self)? Take some time to also share with them a couple of your own “Roses,” “Thorns,” and “Buds.” They may have some insights you haven’t considered!



Does your little one need an extra little snuggle today? Listen to YAM’s poem and hold them tight.


Then, practice YAM’s deep belly breaths, in and out. Keep deep breathing as a calm settles in. Repeat YAM’s mantra, “I practice and embody unconditional love,” and follow with some more YAM deep belly breaths. Note the change in your little one’s energy. Are they feeling better? Offer them the opportunity to select the next step—more cuddles, more breathing, more spoken affirmations, and/or more listening to YAM’s poem. Remind them that this is a daily practice, and that navigating these feelings is not bad—just a part of being human.

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Take advantage of the cooling weather and fresh air and play a little kick ball with your little one.


It doesn’t have to be a complete game of soccer—it can be as simple and running up and down the length of a local field, kicking the ball back and forth between one another.

Ask them to show you how far they can kick their ball and be amazed by their ability to channel their energy into a single direction!

Continue your YAM sensory journey towards Exploration, Compassion & Independence with


GREEN Chroma Therapy Glasses, "Yam's" Stone Soapz, Green Wellness Pedi-Cure Collection, and more.

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