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Communication. Creativity. Self-Expression.


Guardian of the Throat Chakra, Ham is the Pod focused on communication and creativity.

Ham is the Pod focused on communication and creativity. When we hold inside our inner truth and experiences, we affect our relationship with our whole selves, we affect our relationships with others. Whether we share our experiences openly or closely guard them, the experiences themselves do not change, the relationships are what is affected.


Trust is strengthened through open and honest communication—both with ourselves and with others. By embracing our truth and investing in clear expression, we reinvigorate our self-worth. Communication, of course, goes both ways as we trust others will embrace our truth, and commit to listening to the truth of others. This is how whole connections are forged and maintained.

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Exercises to Promote:

Communication. Creativity. Self-Expression.

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Try this truth sharing exercise with the HAM coloring page! Print out two copies of the HAM coloring page—one for you and one for your little one—and each of you take a blue crayon. Take a moment to fill HAM with words and feelings you have been holding inside you (be sure to offer to help your little one write things out if they’d like!) Then, share each of those words and feelings with one another.


Once a feeling or word is shared, color over the words with the same blue crayon you used to write them. At the end of your sharing, you will have a whole, beautifully colored HAM and those words within HAM have been set free.



We can all hold the truths of our experiences back from projected fears of rejection or pain.

A way to help dissipate that fear is by embracing open communication and providing opportunities for honesty.


Sit with your little one and listen to HAM’s poem. Use HAM’s words as an entry into a discussion.


Tell your little one that their experiences and truth are valid and that they deserve to be heard. Open the conversation and give them an opportunity to share. It can take courage to speak up, so always thank them for being honest with you.  

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Sometimes when we hold words or feelings back, it can feel like there is a literal a pressure on our throats.

Clear-out those passages by going out for a run with your little one.


Take them to a park or track and race with them to a mutually-selected finish line. Focus on breathing deep breaths and let fresh air circulate through your system.


Feel the pressure lessen with each exhale until you feel like your throat is able to be relaxed and clear of tension. You’ll see how much better you sleep following a good run!

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