Full Spectrum Alignment for Kids: Practical Philes of Solutions for WholeBeing

Science meets spirit as one, rooted in truth, simplicity, love and service

 The Planet Podz self care products are crafted based

in neuroscience and

researched methodology.

This optimizes how children operate in certain environments.

Our products contain living energies of specialty herbs, vitamins, minerals, gemstones and oils.

They are tuned with gems and chroma technologies that nourish through the skin.

The pure essential oils, body butters, soapz and gemstone roll-ons are easy to apply for "on the go" kidz and parents.


They support your children's Multi-Sensory Whole Being through play.

Your skin is your largest organ.

Therefore when oils, lotions, vitamins and minerals are

applied to your skin,

it acts as a sieve (filter) or sponge. 

Our unique tuned, Chroma 

and Aroma scents offer positive feedback to your children's

"body senses"

or Proprioceptive Sense and their Vestibular or Sensation systems.

Science notes that it take less than

 12 seconds for oils to enter the blood stream.

They are carried throughout the body and nourish you through the circulatory system. 

 Explore the Planet Podz descriptions here online and by requesting chakra color charts.

They aid your understanding of each oil’s color, sound, gems and chakra connection.

 Discover our collection of 9 color imbued pure essential oil formulas.


Coded to support your body and its chakra and meridian energy centers, characterized by a playful Character that models life lessons and emotional intelligence.

Each Character, known as a Planet Pod, has its own color, sound and fragrance.


They directly stimulates the limbic system (the emotional force of the brain) via the sense of smell.


The Planet Podz self care products are crafted based in neuroscience and researched methodology. ​

This optimizes how children operate in certain environments.

Each Planet Podz, has its own color, sound, fragrance, stories, T-Shirts,

Blankets and Color Changing Mugs to support your child's Whole Health for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Lam's Red Collection
Vam Orange Collection
Ram's Yellow Collection
Yam Green Collection
Ham's Blue Collection
Om's Indigo Collection
R's Violet Collection
Love's Pink Collection
Samm's Turquoise Collection
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"Jeanette is a wonderful healer, teacher and guide who has transformed my life. I was referred to Jeanette by a craniosacral physical therapist for chronic pain and infertility issues. Jeanette’s energy and healing treatments helped me sort through these issues on both an emotional and physical level, clearing the way for more light to shine through into my life.  


Working with Jeanette has led me to feel lighter, more joyful, and more pain-free.  And most importantly, Jeanette’s healing gift led to me getting pregnant, and giving birth to a beautiful baby girl! Jeanette continues to be a great source of guidance and healing for our family, providing treatments for allergies for our little one, and helping us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.  Words cannot really capture how much of a positive force Jeanette has been in our lives.  We are forever thankful." ~CN.

Vam Orange Collection

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