Building Children’s Self Esteem 

Our Children Are Our Future.
World Peace begins with the meals we prepare, the homes we provide,

the loving support and education we offer our children.

  • Imagine your children smiling

  • feeling happier about themselves

  • managing their stress levels better

  • accessing their intuition and creativity more easily

  • feeling more confident and overcoming fears

  • expressing their individuality

  • and becoming self motivated and enthusiastic

​Well they can!

Planet Apothecary creates a multi-modality program to support your child and your family.


CLEAR SPEAK™ has created an environment of effective appreciation .

I never though we could experience the easy efficient flow Jeanette described in just a few weeks.

It's been amazing to see how everyone catches each other with a smile and a CLEAR SPEAK™  rephrase.

As a manager it's wonderful to see how everyone has each other's best interests at heart as they navigate the nuances of holding each other accountable without the blame game.

Staff is more fully understanding of their habits of reaction to each other, situation and the whole team dynamic is just better in myriads of subtleties that we all just smile from time to time and nod as we say, CLEAR SPEAK™! Thanks so much !