The Planet PODZ Roll-on Scent Collection

SENSE: Tactile . Smell . Sight


Each formulation of The Planet PODZ roll ons contains pure essential oil and gemstones chips in a gentle coconut oil base. Each is charged with what might be considered as millions of tiny suns gently radiating and communicating energy.


We instill information into the oils with harmonic sounds. Play with our bija beats audios and feel the harmonic benefits still more. We use the oils as a vehicle to enhance the innate information offered by each flower, root, herb, resin or gemstone.


Our oils work to sing to your children's cell'ves with three simple strokes of Love.
Sooth little tummies with Tummy Rubs, easily awaken them with Wakey Wakey or reduce any emotional heated emotions with Chill
Our digestive system has been likened to as our second brain. Our gut often speaks up and tells us a lot about how we are feeling and what is going on with us emotionally, when we over ride our feelings.


That’s easily recognizable for our children when they get butterflies in their tummies when they are anxious. When digestion becomes disrupted by changes in schedules, new experiences, stress of funky foods, the Planet PODZ Roll ons can have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and offer digestive relief.
  • Tummy Rubs offer a warming blend of Ginger, vanilla, spearmint, coconut oil, citrine chips boosts burps easing out gas and tummy aches.


  • Wakey Wakey offers a refreshing breeze of orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, coconut oil, tiger eye chips, boosting beta waves and bringing in joyful focus for homework, play and sliding out of bed on those "I want to stay tucked in" days!


  • Chill moves the hot out from under your little one's collar with a gentle roll around the neck and temples. A soothing blend with tones of Lavender, vanilla, coconut oil, amethyst chips have your family back in happy harmonics in a whiff!

The Planet PODZ Roll-on Scent Collection

  • Chill Essential Oil Gemstone Roll-on
    Notes of lavender and our proprietary blend in coconut oil with Amethyst Gemstones.
    Roll-on to enhance your "chill" zone and feel those "heated moments" ease.
    Great for "on the go" tune ups or downs according to the the mood of the moment. Explore "Chill" , the easy way to roll on!
    Wakey Wakey Essential Oil Gemstone Roll-on
    Notes of orange, grapefruit and our proprietary blend in coconut oil with Red Tigers Eye Gemstones.
    Roll-on to rise and shine in the morning or when you sense a call to action to add a bit of "rock and roll " to your day!
    ( pun intended and yes, there are really gem chip rokz in our roll on's )
    Tummy Rubs Essential Oil Gemstone Roll-on
    Notes of ginger, vanilla and our proprietary blend in coconut oil with Citrine Gemstones.
    Tummy Rubs is inspired through my 18 glorious years with my beloved furry Yoda Bernie.
    He flourished as he modeled the art of receiving tummy rubs.
    Lovingly apply to willing wobbly tummies for wonderful results.