A crazy delicious blend of salty sea breezes, sun washed driftwood and a modern island touch of fresh coconut to warm us humans as we climb out of the ancient frothy brine.

It is generally believed that life evolved in the oceans, and living organisms reflect this aquatic past both by a high overall water content (50% for trees, 65% for people, 99.7% for jellyfish) and by an elaborate biochemistry established in salt solutions. These solutions contain the same ions that were brought from the seas by the first amphibians.


Thus, perhaps it is not surprising that there is a striking resemblance between the ionic composition of seawater and that of human blood plasma, one of the solvent systems for human metabolic chemistry.


Back to the deliciousness of this blend and the alchemical mystical tour to the fountain of youth it evokes!

Sea Plasma and you, perfect together, says the mountain girl now at the Jersey Shore.


Sea Plasma Soapz

  • Sea Plasma Stone Soapz

    Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, including resonant C02/ZnO plasma imbued gemstones for emotional support and general wellness, Each chakra soap creates a balanced field of energy with you in the center.

    A wonderful way to envelop yourself and those you love in the resonant fields with a simple suds at any point in your day.


    Ingredients: Essential Oils of Clary Sage and Lime, Glycerine, c177019, c177891, c177491, c1778161, c177007, Amazonite Crystal