Red Apatite Spritz

SENSE: Tactile . Smell . Sight


The Planet Philterz Holiday Holy Grail Mineral of Choice: Red Apatite
Winter Doldrums?
Whet your appetite with the Cure:


RED APATITE PHILTER: Bold, Energetic, Sensuous, Realistic
A most rare, holy grail mineral cure of choice for rejuvenation and whole being.
Apatite supports your knowing of flow : a consciousness where you feel all possibilities and play in them all with ease.
Flow is a state of being in which you are in alignment with your true self and the universe.
You simultaneously operate in your whole intuitive, intelligent and life expanding way. Life becomes full of ease, grace and charming.

Red Apatite Spritz


    Red Apatite Toner




    Notes of cinnamon, coffee, vanilla ,and our proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils in a base of witch hazel & orange floral water.