Bespoke Octopus Regeneration Pendant

I have always been drawn to the fluidity of the Octopus. Related to the spiral of life, it is reflective of the mystic center and the unfolding of creation. 


Octopus displays and embodies manifestation in an intelligent, fluid, and efficient way. 

Those drawn to Octopus can bend time and live in Quantum, circular time with ease. They move with what is and so experience no friction.


Eight is the number of power and balance and with 8 all aligns in ease and grace.

Enjoy this sensuous creation with loving Red Apatite Philterz to coordinate with the red coral and  root into your core~ your Main Mermaid, aka Jeanette.


Ingredients: Unique Alchemy of Carved Bone Plasma, Coral and Sea Blue lace Agate enhancing regeneration and evolution.


This one of a kind piece was created with Love Light, from our heart to yours.

Bespoke Octopus Regeneration Pendant