Mary Jane on Main Street Mane Event

Mary Jane on Main Street Mane Event is a nourishing, leave in hair follicle stimulator spray. The Mane Event is crafted to stimulate thicker, fuller hair growth by providing a daily dose of nourishing minerals and herbs directly to your scalp. Its ideal for those with thinning hair, or simply for anyone desiring a fuller mane of hair. 


  • Ideal for Men and Women
  • Sulfate & Paraben Free
  • Ingredients: A mineral rich spagyric base including High Potency Herbal Scalp Stimulators:

    Saw Palmetto, Duzise Seaweed Extract, Arnica Montana, Hemp.



Mix our Black Sea Salts with our Conditioner and help to add body to your hair!  Add luster and soothe ends by adding a drop of our Bath & Body Oil to your palms, rub them together, then gently run your hands and fingertips over the ends of your mane to soothe and smooth.


Mary Jane on Main Street Mane event 5 steps ceremony of self-solutions enhance your crown one golden drop at a time.

Mary Jane on Main Street Mane Event