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Kiss the Earth with your Feet: Planet PODZ Reflex ZONE
Jeanette's devotion and determination to offer the most effective and simple tools for children's health and wellbeing is the wellspring for The Planet PODZ Reflex Zone.
Reflexology focuses on how one part of the human body relates to another part. Reflexologists identify pressure points on the hands and feet of patients and by applying manual stimulation are able to relieve pain felt in other parts of the body that are connected to these points.


With 30 years of hands on practice, Jeanette had refined a simple colour coded process that makes this effective science fun and easy for parents, caregivers, practitioners and even kids can self treat!
Simply select the corresponding Planet Podz Chroma Aroma pure essential oil and apply according to the hand and foot zones on our charts! 
What to Expect During a Reflexology Session
Jeanette will ask questions about your or your child's medical and emotional history, medication or herbs you may be taking as these may affect the way in which the session is performed.
Reflexology is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.
The session takes place via ZOOM to view the methods of locating zones, selecting your Planet Podz Collection of chroma /aroma oils with overall flow and pressure point insights offered.


Both Hand and foot reflex points are shared and for advanced students, meridian points are added. 
The session is quite relaxing as well as informative. Reflexology is marvelous for stress management and general relaxation, and is a natural, low-cost option to address sleep concerns, stress, digestive concerns and more.


Reflexology addresses body, mind, and spirit as a cohesive system by getting to the cause of dis'ease, not its symptoms.


Contact us for more information about follow up check ins and advanced reflexology sessions

Kiss the Earth with your Feet: Planet PODZ Reflex ZONE

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