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Chroma Therapy Glasses

SENSE: Sight


Set of 9 Chroma Therapy Glasses

Neuro Nutrition!


We receive 90% of our information through our eyes. Therefore, when we wear certain colors of lenses in eye wear, we are able to see and feel the world through that color. Via our eyes we feed our body the attributes and qualities of a colors’ vibration–color nutrition on a cellular level.


Simply by wearing the Planet Apothecary’s Chroma therapy Glasses, the distribution of energy and harmony in the body is influenced (directly by that color) since the color acts through the eye directly upon our body’s physical, mental and emotional system, in turn improving our overall state of being!

Chroma Therapy Glasses



    RED BENEFITS • Increases drive & energy • Eases fatigue, depression and colds • Ease lower back pain • Increase circulation
    ORANGE BENEFITS • Increases vitality & zest for life • Alleviate depression • Increases oxygen intake • Asthma, allergies
    YELLOW BENEFITS • Concentration • Mental energy • Use when driving • Increases visibility & helps reduce glare
    GREEN BENEFITS • Relax aching muscles • Balance heart & kidney rhythm • Physical & emotional harmony • Promotes regeneration
    TURQUOISE BENEFITS • Clarity & understanding • Strengthen immune system • Relieve hay fever symptoms • Helps rid computer fatigue
    BLUE BENEFITS • Reduce fevers • Lowers blood pressure • Calming & relaxing • Ease migraines, sore throats
    INDIGO BENEFITS • Deep understanding & intuition • Inner peace, tranquility • Harmonizes irregular breathing • Encourages healing to eyes, ears & nose
    VIOLET BENEFITS • Aids meditation • Increase inspiration & creativity • Integrates left & right brain • May offer pain relief

    PINK BENEFITS • Peace of mind • Supports heartfelt love • Removes aggression • spiritually uplifting


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