Private Sessions / Sensory IQ Mentoring

1- 60 minute Sensory IQ Session  - $250


5- Session Series - $1100 (Savings of $150)

All Sessions via phone


Discover more about how your brain processes sensory messages  


Our Sensory IQ mentoring and assessments promote self-awareness and help you to boost your performance, concentration and incorporate wellness methodologies to feel and be at ease as you navigate time and space. We offer unique e-profiling products, mentoring for educators, parents and Human Resources workshops which provide simple, effective insights.


Planet Apothecary Sensory IQ systems provide an integral understanding of each other far beyond strategies, enabling groups to  live, learn, and create far beyond the norms of “work”. Alignment and awareness boost productivity and collaborative teams.

Corporate Clients


Contact us for your 15 minute exploratory consultation  



Our approach is powerful, whole and unique in that it is based in neuroscience and researched methodology which optimizes how individuals operate in designated space. 

Jeanette’s focus is on how environments they influence their inhabitants moment to moment. Methodologies explore the manner in which the intuitive, unconscious aspects of how the brain influences human behavior and performance in tandem with a cognitive approach.

  • How do you benefit?

  • Learn new things about yourself

  • Learn new things about others

  • Improve your relationships

  • Learn how to self-regulate to and de-stress

  • Discover tools for ease, health and well-being

  • Be more focused, energized and productive