Private Sessions / Bio-Resonance Signature Branding 


1- 60 min. Integrated Sensory Marketing & Branding Session - $250       

5-Session Series -$1100 (Savings of $150)       

All Sessions via phone


Why Sensory Branding?

Broadcast your Brand with Intentionality and Purpose that are instantly apparent.


​We live in a world of energy.

Everything oscillates at its own unique wavelength. Everything has a unique frequency pattern. Each business has a unique frequency signature and an individual has a unique frequency pattern. These unique frequency patterns are energetic broadcasts of information.

Integrated Sensory Information Technology distills your Brand Ideal or Intention and enhances your core internal organizing principle. This has a tremendous impact on your organization's alignment as well as the behavior, satisfaction, and retention of its employees.

Our Information Integrated Sensory Technologies refine your developmental blueprint or enhance an energetic structure already in place, and broadcasts your message to the world.

Your physical business structure can unfurl, opening up the possibility of creating an energetic presence for a brand, even ahead of its launch. 

Corporate Clients


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