Our vision is to empower your innate ability to self edit, moment to moment, in support of your health and Whole Being and in authoring your personal experience and flow.                                                                                           

Whole Being is dependent upon an adaptive, functioning nervous system. 

At the core of our adaptability is our vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is central to every aspect of our life experience. It can offer us the ability to respond to our very survival to deep meditative states. Your vagus nerve regulates your Sensory IQ.

Your Senses are the gateway to how you experience yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and the world at large. 

In a world where human contact has become highly digitized, your sensory care is the key to returning to deep personal connection to others and your environment and being able to navigate your relationships with ease and joy. 


Understanding your Sensory IQ is vital to living stress free.

As our collective mindset has returned to a more natural way of life and we are ever more disillusioned with big pharma, health and Whole Being have never been more vital as we seek the healthiest diets, most natural beauty products and rarest ingredients with the most potent properties.


We know that simple is stress free.


Planet Apothecary Solutions are as simple & stress free as diffusing scent, wearing glasses and enjoying Chocolate.

You care for yourself your family, your teams and patients though nourishing your senses vs dumbing or numbing them.

Jeanette Wolfe

  • Since 1995, Iv'e supported Groups and Individuals with my proprietary neuroscience based communications systems offering quantum leaps in leadership, sales, business growth and relationships. (By applying behavioral learning techniques, industrial and child psychology.)

  • My clients herald from 120 countries and include Corporations, C-Suite Execs, Consulates, City Governments, Politicians, Actors, Sports Personalities, private individuals, children, Educational and Medical Institutions.

  • I support high net worth families dealing with their most uncomfortable core ancestral issues.

  • I donate my time to underprivileged youth and their families in dedication to Common Unity.

  • I have the honor of supporting 1000's of families and children to realize their most optimal health and well'being physiologically, psychologically and emotionally.


  • I started college at 15 with a major in art and a minor in psychology. My passion is in observing how humans navigate and interact with their space. I realized early on the impact of environment on humans and living things.

  • My early career was highly profitable designing and forecasting home furnishings colors and design trends. My finger was always on the pulse of trends far before typical sources as I observed the behavioral collective response to politics and current events. Color and fashion trends in any industry are an extension of the collective emotional climate. A very simple sensory and powerful formula.

  • Unique health challenges shifted my attention and I earned my doctorate in Naturopathy and Behavioral Sciences. For over 15 years focused interactions and research with children, their families and teachers graced me with behavioral insights into the dynamics of Sensory IQ.

  • Countless clients, after seeking good health from expert to expert found me at my center in Princeton, NJ and have become fast friends and colleagues in their now balanced health.

By applying simple techniques in linguistics, exercises based in Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology, our Sensory IQ approach vastly improves health to Whole'Being. You can expect enhanced focus, energy and actionable results.

We are the Solution to what you've been looking for. The time to start is NOW

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Jean Babbino @ Planet Apotheary Store


VP Marketing/Design

Jean has been practicing the art and magic of juggling, interpreting, balance and making things beautiful since she was born.


Synchronicity prevailed in bringing  Jean and Jeanette together in over a decade of moments in time where they would meet and continue on their paths until one day, in a completely illogical and perfectly intuitive moment they knew it was time to play together!

Jean managed Planet Apothecary Center in Princeton NJ for Jeanette for 3 years and naturally assimilated vast insights and knowledge as Jeanette's apprentice. Now 9 years after opening, her energy is focused on her creative support as Planet's VP of Marketing and Design and proprietress of our digital store and organizing the billions of ideas that flow from Jeanette's heart mind. Jean has also mastered the art of flow, Clear Speak™ and service, honoring everyone's unique style of being with ease and grace.

She can be seen with her son running 5 k's these days and continues her youth'ing through her playful nature, incredible shopping abilities, and masterful eye for perfection.

Drethun Goettel @ Planet Apothecary Store


Partner of Communications

Drethun's innate ability to get to the heart of the matter supports much of the background flow at Planet Apothecary.

He co creates internal and external communication efforts and development of the strategy and execution of Communications. His contributions to development and testing of technologies and in product development have accelerated the growth of Planet Apothecary LLC since 2015.

Drethun is a member of leadership team focused on providing the best possible story to define what Mary Jane on Main Street, PALL and all its components stand for, its value, importance, and differentiation. This includes the story of its vision, technologies, growth, agents, people and data, as well as the services provided to clients. 

Drethun drives business strategy by providing a clear narrative to employees and consumers.

This role is crucial in helping build our audience — investors, local government, plus the broader tech, business, and design communities — and defining the content that creates traffic flow back to our main web and app properties. Design sensibility, an editorial eye and the ability to speak with anyone, anywhere, anytime comfortably and confidently is part of this role.

Drethun began in administration, product development and background flow at Planet Apothecary Store and in overall support of systems from enhancing communications through accelerated technology, and keeping all things green flourishing for herbal applications.

You can hear his voice overs in podcasts, commercials and Dr. Wolfe’s on the air presence.

His efforts as a vital ‌aspect of current and inaugural Mission/Vision development and service at Mary Jane on Main Street, PALL and all its components.

As part of our board, his observations keep us ever mindful of our mission of being rooted in Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service.

Melissa Charry @ Planet Apothcary Store



Melissa Charry is the creative force behind both Natech Solutions (a graphic design firm located in New Hope, PA, Bucks County) and Ava Dae Photography (a photography studio specializing in pinup and conceptual photography in New Hope, PA, Bucks County.)

Melissa and Jeanette have been collaborating since 2009 on Jeanette's first

website  Their shared love of vintage and understanding of the transformative power of imagination through themed photography has forged a unique and heartfelt friendship. You can see their unique collaborations reflected in The Planet Philterz Youthevity images of both the products and Jeanette.


Melissa teamed up with her husband's established IT business in 2009 and melded her graphic design skills into the company. Her graphic design services include all aspects of print and web: brochures, logos, business cards, flyers, annual reports, CMS systems, e-commerce, email blasts, web ads and more. Ava Dae Photography started in 2013 when she saw the need for more creative themed photoshoots in the area. Her passions include the vintage look of the 40s and 50s bringing in hotrods to complete the look or a special B-Movie idea like Creature from the Black Lagoon or Wolfman. As well as the pinup genre, she also is fascinated with more themed conceptual ideas like Dark Circus, Alice in Wonderland, Space, Witches, Hearse Halloween, Zombies, and Bride of Frankenstein to name a few. She designs and builds sets for each theme, provides wardrobe and works with talented hair and makeup professionals to finish off the model/client's look for that extra special experience.


Contact Melissa to explore the potentials and possibilities of  transformative imagery.


Natech Solutions


Ava Dae Photography